Freefly Arc200 Problem

i bought a freefly arc 200 in 2019 and never used it because my efoil project was delayed. Now I’ve almost finished my foil but the problem is I can’t open the arc GUI software, I’ve already emailed with freefly they say my pc browser is to blame I’ve already tried google chrome and firefox didn’t work either. Maybe someone has advice from you.
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Ich habe genau das selbe problem wie RamsUK :
Einrichten eines ARC200 mit einer Maytech-Fernbedienung! IMG_20230710_194455|666x500

The arc GUI software is an exe, it’s got nothing to do with the browser. Or are you using a Mac?

No i use a pc with windows.
Regards Franz

That’s really strange then. I assume you downloaded the zip file from freely, extracted it and then opened the exe? That should start the GUI fine.

What is your Windows version ?

Windows Edge, my old PC was windows 8 and then I upgraded to windows 10 but it didn’t help either

Does the app just not open? Or is there an error message?

You can see the app but the error message doesn’t go away. It says something about JIT debugging.

JIT debugging is a Windows error. Either visual studio or there’s probably a setting on your PC that needs to change.

Thank you very much for your help, a friend found out that you have to turn on bluetooth.
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Ok great, so you’ve managed to get started on the config then?

Yes, one step further, the GUI looks quite complicated, my English isn’t that good either, but I’m not giving up