Fresh build from Slovenia

Guys, does anyone have any info where to get GEMlux latches that lift uses in Europe? I could only find those on ebay and in their offical store, but both from USA. Can anyone recomend anything simmilar that is watertight (the cheap chinese ones dont have shaft sealed) and not overpriced and can be bought in EU?

Hi “lukmo” I` am new in this comunity and I saw your nice work. If you agree and you have some minutes to spend for a short chat, It is possible to get some info by phone? I am from Koper, SLO.

Yea sure you can PM me and I can tell you my social media or something… but if you really want to know the important stuff about building and everything, you show ask @flytomaz for sure. He is feom Ljubljana and he helps me too. Let me know what you need…

Br Luka

Hello guys!

Long time no see, I had a lot of school work and a lot of exams, so my project kinda slowed down a little, but I am back now! My board is CNC mashined (i will post some pictures soon), and now I have to deal with small details and after that i will laminate CF.

Since I have 100KV 65161 motor, I will need suitable prop. I ordered the new 2023 FR ULTRA prop 6inch. Do you guys have any expirience with this prop, how does it perform?

Thats all for now!

Hey Lukmo
We used to use a diode as a snubber to suppress back EMF in industry, it was only for low current applications like relay and contactor coils. Don’t know how applicable it is for a high current requirement. I haven’t seen it mentioned as an option so could have been overlooked or found not suitable.

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Hello guys,

can anyone recommend anything like a reed switch that latches (when magnet is close it closes clamps and when magnet removed it goes back again in open state), so it send a signal to my ant bms. It would work like a push button and send a signal. This solution has to be very reliable, because it will be in my battery case which is sealed and glued, so it would be hard to repair if something failed.

Hi Lukmo
I have never come across a latching reed switch only momentary. If I needed it latching I would have it operate a latching wired relay. However then you need a condition to unlatch it. I have used simple security door reed switches for industrial applications or you can purchase the reed in a glass envelope as a separate item from the likes of RS components or a similar supplier.

Note if you are going to use a reed switch with a magnet to maintain closed status, that vibration or jarring might momentarily drop it out and cause power disruptions. Also if you use a relay for any control operations, I have encountered vibration issues with a standard industrial relay like Omron MY4N and had to change to auto relays (which I think have more robust spring assembly). Cheers

Hi an update to my original comment.

If you go to @JP833402 posted Jan 21 he has found a normally closed (N/C) magnetic switch from

It was posted on @jeffm

Efoil V3 - STL files for Gong foil and Flipsky motor 12mm - Parts list – Schematics

The thread and others by @jeffm has lots of excellent information for DIY like Bill of Material spread sheet, schematics etc.

What about a Bluetooth BMS and just use your phone to turn it on and off?

I have Bluetooth ant 150A BMS, so I will have 2 options:
-bluetooth app
-reed switch
The problem is my battery case is 100% carbon fibre and I dont know how does bluetooth penetrate thru it?
It is really unconvinient that you need phone on the beach to turn it on…
Thank for all the help and tips