Frs 2024 (flying rodeo system)

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: super nice warm wather 0”C and AIR -2”C lets FLY :rocket::rocket::rocket: on 2024 FRS


Looks nice. One of the best foil assist’s I have seen till now.

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Looks good. Is this an e-foil for tricks?
The battery probably lasts about 10-15 minutes?

Looks interesting.

So selling the mast/ motor / battery combo.

Customer chooses height of motor?

Then you will sell fuse adapters for different foil brands?


Yes two option:

SURF / PUMP ( motor its mounted 25 cm under board)

And you can chose standard propeler with safety gouard or folding propeler.

I have made system that you can change adapters for diferent brands realy easy.

Batery you change on CLICK MECHANISEM


What are the parameters of the battery - voltage, capacity?

Soon my freund i will relese ewrithing on website. :heart::heart::heart:

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I just can’t believe that your device doesn’t have several different sized screwdrivers, M3 screws that need to be screwed on the spot, pieces of foam for the rails and nose cone, and several rolls of tape. You probably designed it in a hurry.

I dont understand your question , but i stil love you :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:.

You dont need none of this

Batery its on CLICK and you fly


With love David

This is just irony over FD v2. I really like your engineering skills and level of execution.

Thank you

here up on foil zone its so many good ingenering people but all must stick only to your ideas and no distraction from others and on this way will born sooo good systems.

In next 2 years will came so many good asiisst systems

I call it asiist ERA :joy::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Im sory , now i understand :joy::joy::joy::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I was started this project in march 2023, so before of FD 2 , so its it ONE year dewelopment project and still need some time perfection, but on this point i love it more ower FLYWAY and normal EFOIL, becuse its so light and you feel FREDOM.

If you look only these details you will know how many houers was put in this systems.

Ewen batery surface its special made to elemineted of WATER FRICTION.


@Flying_Rodeo Very interesting concept,

I see the battery attached to the top plate. When you say it will be adaptable to several brands,

is it the bottom of a flying rodeo mast which will fit several fuselages ?

or the battery footprint planned to go on different masts ?

Tks a lot for your input

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Actually, the voltage on the label is 42 volts, that’s 10s, the capacity is also indicated, but I can’t read it. I can only guess - 2 or 3s.

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:heart::heart::heart: my new love :heart::heart::heart:


This is great engineering. Respect.
How is the rear position of the battery affecting overall balance? Can you tell us more on your journey and tests that led you to this design?


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This batery its really light , you don’t fell it , that its backward from mast.

My goal was design system wen you touch water you dont fell it.

It must be super slim and batery change on click system and bombproof and power-foul enough to make a JUMPS.

Super slim front


Do that with normal efoil board and batery :rofl::rofl::muscle::muscle::muscle: