Gas powered build started, any love for me?

Hello. I’m David from Croatia and im planning a high power gas powered board.
I have everything figured out, just missing most of the components.
If theres anyone interessed I can share the whole plan here, if not allowed because its not electric i’ll delete the topic no problem :smiley:


May be you should open a new forum called GFOIL…here we are more EFOIL

Exactly what i tought, but maybe someone is interessed, and aince i don’t have anywhere else to post this… also, it could help someone in their electric build

Would love to see it, for me please go ahead. I am not responsible for this forum; still it’s about the users, so count one vote from me.



I don’t see a problem with it at all. Other than the noise for those in close proximity when it running :wink:
But it will be super interesting to see how you gear it. The axis 19mm mast should be a good candidate for this.

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In any case you could share your board/wings build :slight_smile:

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Nice to see there’s interest.
But i’ve explained myself wrong.
I will be using jet thrusters on the back of the board, no foil.
Much like a Mako slingshot or the Jetsurf.
Noise won’t be an issue since i live 5 mins from the open sea, and can get quite far, it will be muffled anyways.

I’ve got the jet from a local guy that has a 3d printer. Might beef it up with carbon fiber, but we will see.
Anyways, its a 55mm jet, with a 50mm reduced nozzle. It showed 12kg thrust with some brushless motor, planning on 30+ with a 16hp gas motor.

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Next step is picking up a minarelli scooter engine. Cutting everything off of it (belt housing, stock motor mounts) leaving basically just the crank, cylinder, rotor and water pump on. Goal is to make it as thin as possible, so the board doesn’t have to be extremely fat. Also, an 86cc kit will be more than enough to propell it pretty fast (aprox. 15hp) The motor should be here in a week, so more updates coming soon!


Interesting. Will follow if it stays here.
Dobrodosao :love_you_gesture:


Hvala :v:
Anyways, since i could find just a couple of builds like this, theres a lot of trial and error involved.
I’m a mechanic, fabricator in cars my whole life, thats why i trust gasoline more than electric propulsion.
The 55mm jet might be too small, the jetsurf has a 80ish(?) mm impeller, but then again it has a lot less power than mine, so it might just balance out.
This will be a slow build, but i’ll try and picture/explain everything as i progress :v:

Ah a jetboard. It’s still great to see the builds here so I don’t think anyone will complain.
There is also a thread over at Endless Sphere if you want some extra inspiration:

Hello. Since i’m sourcing another motor currently because of time wasters, i gave the jet drive a run.
I’ve used a drill tho, and it hardly makes ANY thrust. Am i missing something? Should i try with something with more rpm’s? Or is torque the issue?

Perfect time to convert to electric! lol… Tough to help since we don’t know what drill you are using. Someone on here has to know what RPM’s you need in order to use the jet drive.

Not yet :wink:
That drill maybe has 2500 rpm… i was planning on feeding 12k rpm when gas powered, so it might be it doesn’t produce thrust because of the low rpm?

When I run my jets at 2500 rpm I do not get any thrust too. I’m running my jets at this moment around 18000 rpm. Soon they will run at 25000

I dont think that will have enough RPM esp under water against resistance. Id say thats the issue

Nice, so rpm’s are the issue.
I won’t need that much rpm since i’m currently having printed a 100mm propeller and jet, but i can easily adjust with some gearing. 12k rpm direct drive from the crank should be plenty

Great news. I’ve checked the drill, and it only spun the impeller at aprox. 1600rpm. Took a 220v drill, tried it at 2800 rpm and the thrust is already much better. Thats just with the 55mm jet.
Anyways, the 100mm impeller is printed, waiting on the ther parts now


looks nice keep up the interesting work. Will you get the power through the mast with a shaft? Or how are you achieving it?