Gathering material for DIY e-foil

My name is Tomaž and this is my first post to this forum.
I’m buying material for my first DIY e-foil.

I already have 21700 batteries and I’m leaning towards 13s10p configuration. Any suggestions?
Maybe 12s is better?

I’m also searching for a good and not crazy expensive electronics.

What do you think about this:


I’ll also need some controller and I’m leaning towards Flipsky vx3.

Hope I’ll be able to make a good documentation of my build so I can give some knowledge back :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

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The diameter is not really an issue. Loads of guys have run 80mm outrunners with no problems… 75mm will be better than those.

Why do you see it as suspicious? It looks to be a cloned prop off the fr prop…

The motor prop connection is identical to fr and lift motors…

14s is the best and most used commercially.

The esc should be fine as one or 2 guys are already using it without issues.

I’m not sure if anyone here has used the motor yet in a build. Could be good but could also be average. There are cheaper known working options around which might be safer bets…

If you chose an even number for S (12 or 14), you can split the battery in 2 and charge it with an rc charger. This way, you do not need a BMS.

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I like 6s!
More economical, fast enough with up to 35km / h
Inexpensive ESC possible
And big propellers for a good Eta

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I follow cause I want same thing :slight_smile:

Started build thread:

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