Get Foil claimed to be made in USA

The thought of hot wiring this shape makes me cringe. It’s way too complex for that.

These particular units were CNC’d and finished entirely by hand. Production units are molded and then finished by hand.

It was supposed to be a compliment for a team able to think outside the box. It is amazing how precise and complex the CNCed hot cuts can be nowadays, especially if the foam block lays on a rotating plate. Of course, with the battery box, it is more complex.

Oh well thank you. Yes the hot cut CNC machines are extremely precise but the cavity would pose some problems and additional operations. Ours is just a typical surfboard CNC machine. We’re selling one if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

The savings will come in the molding operation.

Or by the production of (hot-cut) small and simple pieces to be assembled in complex shapes as did Henry Ford a long time ago. :wink:

Did anyone preorder one of these?

All of their social media accounts have been silent for months now.

Looks like they are live again, taking preorder deposits for March 2021 delivery - seems ambitious at $4-$7k USD with a carbon mast and “assembled in the US” but I wish them luck and as a recent Waydoo owner will be watching them closely

Website indicates they’re now shipping. They were out doing demos in March according to this website snapshot Has anyone tried? Worth risking being a beta tester - I’m in San Francisco so a long way to ship parts if there is a failure.

Still waiting on components to arrive. Latest update is deliveries will start August.

Prices are going up (from pre-order days) as expected. Board is quite large but electronics and connection appear sleek and simplified.

I won’t consider fulfilling my pre-order until I’ve seen a good number of reviews and ideally tried one myself.

At <$10k (just barely) they will give Waydoo and Takuma a run for the money.

It’s an unproven product from a new company but the founder has an apparently good track record with other companies. Let’s see what/how/when they can deliver on it.

It looks promising to me but I am also trying to do research. I am in NJ and frankly don’t understand why people don’t like the look of the board. If it’s flying through the air who cares? More important will be the design of the motor and foil and what was said above seems to suggest they have thought some of the big problems through better than others. I like simplicity.

Did not see any customer feedback of the getfoil yet. Did they really ship already?

These boards are total garbage. Received mine almost 4 months after I paid for it. In the 3 weeks ive owned it, controller, battery, and motor/prop have all failed. Leaky hatch, rusty hardware. 3 WEEKS!!!
No refunds, period.

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