Gong Carbon Mast Clamp

Has one of you the following mast in use and has designed a suitable mast clamp for the Flipsky 65161?


I shared with @jeffM my mast clamp for the V2 alu gong. He adapted it for the V2 carbon gong (8 mm difference.) see with him.

Thanks Manu! I will contact him.

Hi Mike,
Many thanks @Manu to shared your fusion files.
here :wink:
Some pictures of my new project “light Efoil V5”

Board 120cm * 56 cm thickness 9.5cm (ITE)


Very nice work JM , the carbon mast with the mast clamp is very nice . And thank you for sharing your adaptation of the mast clamp.

Hi I can write only many thanks! So I dont need my plastiline anymore.

HI, I printed it out but it doesn’t fit the mast. It’s too big. Do I have to change the size (from 100% to ???)


well done JM ! was it hard to drill the mast?

Do you have a picture ?
you have the same mast gong 70 cm V2 carbon ?
I printed without size modification

No it’s easy to drill, but you need a 8X60cm drill
(found on Amazon)
DEWALT DT4871-QZ Mèche, Argent : Amazon.fr: Bricolage

well done! how did you ensure the verticality of the drill? eye balling?

8mm it’s the size inside the mast so the walls guide the way

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Hi, No its the 100cm mast… so size is different :zipper_mouth_face:

Perhaps the size (width) is different with the 100cm.
How big is it ? you have a picture ?

Have to make a picture. But its not V2 its the mast in Sale https://www.gong-galaxy.com/en/product/gong-foil-allvator-carbon-mast-100-cm-freesurf/
Profile is different to that of version 1 and 2