GONG PRO surf wings


Does anyone have experience of the gong pro wings? They are compatible with the surf fuselage and the medium wing has 74% of the volume compared to the standard M serif foil. Sounds like a very good choice if you got tired of the standard wing.

Ordering one for test.



It’s not released yet. They will start shipping 24/9.

Looks like a similar size to the Slingshot Gamma 68 (68mm wide).
I will be embarking on a mission to see if I can ride my board with my 56mm wing soon. Should be pretty wild!

mm? You mean cm? :slight_smile:

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The nobile all around foil has the following specs:

surface – 815 cm2 | span – 55 cm | aspect ratio – 3,7

It’s FAST!!!

Gong messed up the %. If the new M Pro wing is 1.2L wr to 2.0 for the classic M,
that is a 40% loss (2.0 - 1.2)/2. Which means that the M Pro only kept 60% of the volume compared to the standard M serif foil. (1.2/2.0 = 0.6) This is a serious point to explain the new max speed and the rider new feelings… Speed has a cost: only tests will tell if the riding comfort (tolerance) offered by the new profile did not suffer too much because of the thinned down profile.

They are saying almost half , 74% of half , kind of confusing … but I was waiting for this type of wing :+1::smile::smile:

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I will report back as soon as it’s tested.

Are you going to test the M or the L pro ?

I tried the L classic very nice and stable but lack of speed
I use the takuma V100 which just a bit small than the M Classic : prefect for now…

I would like to buy the M pro …

I run standard M today and will try M pro as soon as possible.

I also ride the nobile all around and I’m looking for a wing that’s between the
Nobile and the standard M.

I have two stabs, kite and surf, which both have different characteristics.

How is standard M? Mine should arrive today hope I can try it tomorrow
Is it easy to use?

comparing it with the nobile all around is like comparing a Volvo station wagon with a Ducati 960. It’s a great wing for learning.

Here it is, can’t wait to get in the cold water…

Is the profile thinner?

You bet! Thinner profile and more “bend” on the edge of the wing.




I was able to run a quick test run after work yesterday. Sun went down 17:50 so I could not run more that 20 minutes.

Overall the new wing feels very smooth in the water. I takes more speed to get foiling but that’s expected given the smaller size. I didn’t push it to hard, went up to 30kmh and its very smooth. It easier to ride than I thought it would be.

Hopefully I will be able to push it beyond the 33 kmh that I got with the standard medium wing.

Turning felt very smooth, my guess is that the arch is the reason for this. Both my other wings are very flat.

I used the kite stab for the test. Will change over to the surf stab to see how that handles as well.


Will do more tests.




It will be interesting to see if you get much more top speed. It might be the drive unit and prop that have reached their max at 33kph. You drive should be able to handle a higher pitched prop though.

I got approx 20% throttle left.

Give me some runs :slight_smile: