Gong surf foil with 40 cm kite stab


I just got back from my first run using gong surf foil(M) and the 40 cm kite stab from gong.

It’s a more challenging ride and top speed is higher. Could not see any increase in power demand, hard to push it over 40A.

It turns really well and I think it’s a better setup than using the surf stab.

Max speed this run, just below 30kmh, 40kmh
Should be possible.


Those are good news !

My first question would be: did you draw less amps with this new stab which would mean less drag ?

With a calliper, could you measure the max thickness and chord of both stabs in order to calculate the thickness to chord ratio (TR) of each element ?
45 cm wide stab 272cm2 : thickness (mm) :_ _ _ _ chord (mm): _ _ _
40 cm wide stab 241cm2 : thickness (mm) :_ _ _ _ chord (mm): _ _ _

45 Th/Ch =
40 Th/Ch =

@Riwi, fancy making your own 850cm2 front wing with 8% TR for unmatched top speed ?

Amp draw is identical. With the kite stab it feels less controlled which i like.

I have not yet wondered into the magical world of wingmaking, not sure I will ever get there :slight_smile: