Gyro balanced efoil

This does not preclude vigilance. Watching the boards on the water on March 28th will not be enough as the “6.5kg 1and1” promise is the keystone of the system. We might have a nice surprise though… :roll_eyes:

No we wont… Do you really think Mark has access to tech that none of the automotive, electric bicycle, electric skateboard, other efoil companies or Tesla have?

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1 hour ride and 1 hour charge is possible in my opinion. 6,5kg is light but also possible if you have a very efficient drive but you will not reach high speeds I guess.

Oh please show me the calculations you have used… And which cells you’ve used to do them… :rofl:

If you use lipo’s, they can easely be charged with 1c. Energy density 150wh/kg so around 1kwh in total. Then you need to foil at 1000w wich is possible. Just saying this is possible does not mean that I believe everything he said about this product. New battery technology? I don’t think so.

A pack of 30q 12s11p
6,336kg ( without nickel strips …)
Capacity : I would say 28A x 3,3v = 1100wh
Charging rate /cell: 4A possible

Data : 10.8wh/cell so 225wh/kg on paper

So I guess yes you can fly 1 h at 15-18km/h and charge it in one hour

Another exemple : charge at 0.97C possible :

That’s the whole point. He claims he’s using LTO battery tech which can’t do that.
Lipos you can charge at 1c, but the biggest chargers are 20a which means your battery is 20Ah max. But that leaves you with a super volatile pack and swelling issues.
Liion you don’t want to charge higher than 0.5c otherwise you get a reduced life span so that would mean your fastest charge in an ideal situation would be 2hrs.

Now the other issue is he is claiming speeds of over 50kph as well with all his other utter nonsense. All together it ain’t gonna happen.

We could add that nobody here has measured the efficiency gain of a pulling propeller with respect to the pushing props we have. In one (or two) videos, I remember him repeating in one of his videos “It is soo efficient”. A propeller rotating (cutting) through static water (zero velocity) should provide more lift than if it had been set in motion by a mast, allowing to decrease the prop size therefore the amp drawn. As a guestimate I think somebody mentioned 8-10%.

Push Prop has more Eta.
Greetings Frank

“This is a scam”
“No. It’s totally possible. Let’s wait and see”
“Are you kidding me? Everything he’s said and not delivered on. Totally a scam.”
“Nah. I don’t think so. Let’s give him a chance. We only have to wait till the end of the month to find out”
I feel sorry for the suckers who know less then us and buy one now, hoping to have what’s been promised by the end of the month.


Brian, what made you change your mind and give up your position of sales manager in the Supernova project just two weeks before the big day of 28th March 2020 ??

200309 Bye Supernova


The information went unnoticed in the containment information wave but:

  • distributors’ meeting postponed until further notice,
  • live video of the product planed next Saturday (March, 28th - should be 2pm Paris time) :grimacing: :eye:

200328 Live demo 2pm

Supernova defeated before the starting line ?

Apparently something coming in a few hours.

Got these over at:

So no giro on there at all and hydrodynamics look horrific (but yet he claims that will hit 60kph)! This dude lives in Lalaland…

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So clearly he can’t ride it himself and as a result can’t actually demo it…

One would have thought he would have tested the concept with a wakeboard and an external waterproof housing. It would have saved him a lot of time developing something that can be used by pretty much no one…

The boots are also a perfect way to destroy your knees on a 12KG efoil! You do not want to fall with those boots on.

If anyone’s up for a cheap and fast challenge to beat Marc to it, grab a wakeskate, put on some basic foot-straps and use and external housing. You’ll be the first up on a Zero buoyancy foil if you get it right.

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DIY Gang from France should go test it out lol!


Looks like something completely different from all his other images with zero actual gyro stabilization (no surprises there…). But on the plus side if you need a shit while riding you can do it through the very random hole in the deck #toiletefoil
Man I feel sorry for anyone that ever gets sucked into any of his products!
I’d say I feel sorry for whoever falls in front of the prop, but honestly if you got onto this foil in the first place then it’s just your own fault…

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The video doesn’t show a complete take-off… The team is obviously learning while practising.
Tom, 12 years old, 35kg all wet is the perfect tester. For a skilled featherweight, the exceptional is possible. Curious to see how someone who weighs 90kg is going to make it.

Ap4oarently october 15th will tell…such a waate of time if they dont show adults using it

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