Having some space between the duct and the fuselage or not?

Having done an assembling test of everything in the tube, I was a bit surprised how heavy it seems to be for being fixed on the clamp system only like Pacific Meister did (so not having the duct “laying” on the fuselage). I looked at what Lift and Fliteboard did and their duct are touching the fuselage, which certainly release some tension on the clamp system.
Is there any reason to avoid having the duct touching the fuselage?

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It’s been holding solid for me, I am actually still using my very first mast clamp, the white one I printed in ASA at Pier9. Reason for me mounting it a bit higher was that I had no idea what size prop would work and I wanted room to experiment.

Ok thanks! I feel a bit safer if I have the duct laying on the fuselage, for transports for instance. I was wondering if putting it higher as you did had any impact on the hydrodynamic.

The higher you put it, the lower you have to ride in the water. The motor pod cannot breach the water. Then again, I doubt anyone building cares about an extra 3" off of a 35" mast.

I had mine floating, but ended up printing a support for it for the fuselage. It did hold up just fine without it. I’m just paranoid.

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Hi cwazy1
I préfer add a support to fix’on fuse
Have you .stl pièce ?
Do you post
Me a picture ?

Hi Fabien
Your project is thé same tic pacific’meister ?
Your propeller seem Bigger,
Do you print it or buying it ?