Help me choose a foil

I’m doing a lot of research into which foil to pick, I’m looking at primarily the slingshot product line since a lot of the housings are printable on that mast.

Is the overall goal to have the lowest foil speed for the least amount of strain on the motor? Seems like the liquid force rocket foil would be the choice? Its got a rather large wing which is low aspect ratio?

What if I went with something like the happy foil? what would happen? I’d have to travel at a higher speed?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome @cwazy1, I recommend you read a few more posts, it has been discussed in detail on other threads. The search function works pretty good too, just search for “happy foil” and you’ll find the answers :slight_smile: I tried the happy foil and posted about it.

Ah, I found it. Can definitely say that I did not search for ‘happy foil’. Although I must have just glazed over your post.

So that makes sense and would answer my question of aspect ratio for foiling. Seems like we can only use the low aspect foils such as the rocket, h4, and etc.

I’ve got a Liquid Force Rocket Foil coming for mine.

did you just get the foil or did you buy the package with the board?

Bought the foil only, on eBay. Got an RRD KRace 70 Board, same one pacificmeister used.