Help me diagnose my problem(s)

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I’m so damn close to foiling I can taste it! But my setup seems to not have enough amps or my prop setup is all wrong. Let me give you the details and any helpful info would be great.

Batteries: 12S10P in two packs 12S5Px2. Samsung 30Q, 60 cells per pack. I have a third pack to make 12S15P, but I’ve been having issues fitting the third one in there. With the 2 packs, I believe I can get 120 amps. If I can add a third, that would be 180. At least on paper if my math is correct.

ESC: SeaKing HV130A

Remote: Maytech

Motor: SSS 500KV (from original Pacificmeister build)

Gearbox: Parker 7:1 (PV40TN-007)

Prop: Pacificmeister 4 blade parametric prop, no duct.

In the video when I was standing I was giving it 100% which doesn’t seem right. I do weigh 200 lbs and I’d say the board and batteries adds up to another 50-60 lbs.

Any ideas what to do besides figuring a way to get that third pack to make 12S15P?

Should I get an aluminum prop vs 3D printed? Prop seems pretty small when compared to everything else.

How can I measure amperage while I’m in the water? Is there a product that can log it while I’m out there?

Esc setting all ok ? It gives 100% when you apply full throttle ?
Check gearbox/motor shaft link , may be it spins on itseft… I think you don’t get enough rpm

500/7x12x3,6 … You should get 2800-3000 rpm on the propeller , it should be enough but on my setup i have a 2 mode remote and with 60% throttle even at 2400rpm i was not able to fly

ESC settings seem to be good. Out of water it seems like it’s revving really high. Gearbox, motor, and prop are all for sure spinning without slipping. They have screws through each part to make sure it doesn’t slip.

I’m thinking my prop is too small? Or perhaps the PLA is flexing too much?

Looks like you are close Tyler! Nice work so far. I am wondering if your battery pack is the cause. Any significant voltage drop on full throttle? I recently built a 10S4P pack for my 4WD eskate and I might have gotten fake cells, horrible voltage sag and I had to go back to Lipos. There is discussion on the eskate forum about voltage sag with fake relabeled 18650s.

I don’t have a way to log any numbers right now, however the Maytech does have a voltage input so I can try and get that to display on my remote. The cells are brand new from a highly reputable company so I don’t think I’m dealing with fake 18650 cells. But as you know, Lipos kick out the amps in comparison to 18650’s so I hope adding my third pack solves the issue.

Tyler, I have a digital tachometer that we can use tomorrow to see what rpm’s we are getting. Troubleshooting and eliminating possible causes should get us to the truth. Having a voltage drop on full throttle is a new one for me…

Even with voltage sag , higher than lipo , really 30q should deliver enough amp on 10p
What i would do:

  • check the trust : put myself in the water in front of the board and try to feel if i get 20-30kg of push (the board push you easily )
  • check battery temp : if amp is high temp will reases quickly
  • where did you get the cells from?
  • if the final kv is low ( what gearbox @pacificmeister uses?) try to get some lipo to test or print a high pitch propeller

When I am not on the board, very little push of the remote sends the board flying out of the water. As soon as I’m on it, it’s a struggle! lol

I don’t have a way to monitor battery temp but this inability to foil starts right away when they are fresh so that can’t be the root cause. Perhaps after a while or running.

Cells are from USA, brand new, reputable. Battery packs were custom built by professional.

I am printing a 3-blade now and will also experiment with 2-blade. I have 2 80100 motors on order, so I’ll likely switch to that for less hassle but for now trying to get up and going!

It could be that there is some water in your motor housing and you could be getting some desynch issues. I am 198lbs and fly at around half throttle (slightly different setup but similar RPM).
You definitely not dragging the wing on the sand or anything like that?

For me rpm problem under load : propeller slip on shaft gearbox motor coupler … On setting esc not full throttle ( factory setting not 80% in this esc?)
Even if not fly , propeller size … On the board hitting full throttle , i should really feel the power , i know it is not easy to figure it out , may be try to “listen” to motor speed by testing your pod in the water with and without proppeler ( holding your board) to see if rpm drops
I hope you can work it out

Hi did you check if your esc has some low voltage cut off function? We were experiencing low power output in fact this voltage setting was not set right causing the esc to limit output to 30%

ignore me if you have already checked but is the prop is spinning the correct direction? :upside_down_face:

@tylerclark How long ago did you print your prop ? maybe it is flexing a bit more than is expected? PLA will not last forever ? just a thought. or slipping drive? Hope you work it out soon you are so close! Good luck.

Hi Tyler please start riding with your knees and foward, I think you are dragging the system with your position. And you can try with this prop.

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Could always be water in the pod I guess, but this happens immediately when put into water so I would think a water leak would take time to develop. It is consistently that slow speed. And I’m in a channel, so it’s very deep there!

Propellor cannot slip because the shaft has holes with set screws that are threaded into the shaft. I will start listening to see if I can detect rpm levels.

The SeaKing sets its voltage to whatever it is when you power it up. It had a full 48v when we started testing so I doubt it was that. Not sure it has a low voltage mode either.

Yes of course. I wouldn’t have been moving forward in the video if not.

Printed prop a long time ago! Maybe 1 year ago. Printing new prop now with slightly more pitch. Will find out if that matters very soon!

I will try. I have that prop but have not used it because I didn’t have a way to attach to my current motor shaft. How do you attach it? I guess I need to figure that out!