Help with battery sizing for FS65161 100kv and folding prop setup

I’m still learning as much as I can, but need your help deciding on the right battery set up for my next surfboard build:

due to late night purchases, i’m stuck with the FS65161 100kv motor with the 10mm shaft, and will be using @superlefax’s prop (3D-printed folding propeller)

my goals are to provide maximum torque to help boost me from sitting still in water to catching up with a wave.

I also need to limit the amount of li-ion cells due to weight. I plan to use samsung 30T cells, which have a discharge rate of 35a.

With this motor and prop, would it be better to go 10s4p or 14s3p? or some other combo? due to balance issues, I need to distribute the batteries on the board:

Hi, i think 14s3P is optimal for the following reasons:

  • the propeller may have a higher rpm
  • the board can reach higher speeds
  • in the future you can replace the propeller with a propeller with higher efficiency (prolongs the sailing time) or with a higher thrust (when your weight increases)
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I think you want a boost on start , top speed isn’t look for , any prop will take the motor to 100-140A for a good punch ( so discharge batt would be 100A ) 10s should be enough , after with cavitation on start , 14s isn’t needed I think ( not looking for a burst off rpm but more a nice torque )
Any prop past 2800rpm will pull nice
I guess 10s 4p better than 14s 3p , but the vesc will go with duty converting all that … both would work

What you want :
More than 2800rpm full throttle ( not 5000 as well )
Count on 10-30% rpm drop under load
Check voltage drop of cell under high amp

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