3D-printed folding propeller

I’m moving to the sea for the next month and urgently need a folding propeller :slight_smile:

Does someone already started with a good design and is willing to share it with us.
I want to make one for the FS65161 motor mixed up with my 2-blade propeller.

just some inspirations:


I need one as well for my Takuma Carver … was looking for a while already. Only Lift folding props for n the market…

I almost finished my own design yet. Today I gonna try it out. Costs: about 1€!!!

At the beginning I was quite sceptical of this one holds up or will be all over the place. But it feels rigid. There is also almost no play between the blades on the propeller hub.

It fits to the Flipsky motor without the threaded shaft.

If I’m successful I will share the files with you guys.

Price is 650$ but I give you a 15% forum
discount :rofl:


Good to know. Many people here thought this shaft was not appropriate for our use.

Sorry, the Alu Version is not ready :neutral_face:

The hub can easily been modified for a 12mm shaft und and nut or anything else. Let’s see how it goes :wink:


Ever since i first saw a folding prop and the outrageous price i’ve wondered: why don’t people just order these custom made from a machine shop? it won’t be more expensive.

There really doesn’t seem to be that much to it once you have some blades you like?

Anyway, good call in doing these, hope results are great! :smiley:

How is you folding prop version doing ? I can imagine tuning is a very important step to reach the LIFT folding prop reliability.

I’m curious if it will have enough mass to keep the blades folded in the optimal position. Have you measure the mass between a blade from a Lift prop and on of the 3D printed ones?

i think this prop doesn’t have to rely on the centrifugal forces. The blades will be forced forward by the drive force, stopping against the hub.

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Hi, guys,
this is the first working 3D printed folding propeller for Efoils. It has already been tested in water under full load (4500W). You only need two M4x40 hexagon socket screws and you can start. The propeller is designed for the 65161 flipsky motor.

It works best with the following printing parameters:

-no support
-the wings should be printed horizontally




Very nice!!
Greetings Frank

Wahoo !! Would you tell us more about your feeling on the water / behaviour / speed / amps drawn / comparison with other props ? Do you intend to have it CNCed into aluminium ?

I needed to reduce the pitch for designing reasons but I could achieve about 30 km/h. It’s has quite good trust (blade diameter is about 186mm). At higher speeds it will vibrate. But that’s because Its not balanced at all.

If I release the throttle completly the board will stop in short time like before. But the blades are completely folded. Also If I stop while foiling and than give full throttle again it open up the blades. For that it must be rigid. I’m really looking forward to test in waves. But that will be in October…

So please print it out and tell us how it behaves powerless :wink:


Any remix for the threaded shaft?


Nice work!

Any chance you could make this fit the standard shaft?

I’d like to try it.


I’m really running out of time because I’m moving to the sea in the next weeks. Mabye some other forum member can do this. I know that there is already a modification for the 6300 outrunner. Ask @Ackermann :slight_smile:

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I did a file for a 80100. Can upload it in a day or two :grinning:

If anybody modifies the hub for the FR motor, please share the file! I would like to try it on the ocean!!

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What did you build this in? If you have it in Fusion, I could modify it for the Flipsky 12mm shaft.

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