HGLTECH efoil motor 65162

HGLTECH efoil motor 65162
A more specific introduction of efoil motor 65162 100KV and 120KV available
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This is threshold test chart, the actual efficency is showed in last picture

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Is it possible to buy only prop for this motor?

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I doubt you have so much torque with this motor :grimacing:.

If you give me stator diameter / length and rotor diameter, length & magnet material + coil fill factor and number of turns I can post the real motor data simulated on a top software. I already did it for 6384 and 63100 outrunner to have an idea of the available performance.

This is what I have been told. At the end of the day, simulator is still simulator. It doesn’t change what we’ve got. You could buy one and test it, maybe it would be helpful for what you are building. Good luck. :smile:

I have similar test data for 100kv motor. Got it around one year ago from Flipsky

You mean you measured the power and torque and it was as high as 9Nm peak ?
Or do you mean you just have been sent similar specs ?

The data seems to be from the “fantasy land” efficiency of 97.4 to 98.7 under any load? even at 6.78 kW you probably have beaten physics :slight_smile:

The shaft is designed by our technical team to match the yamaha propeller in order to reach its peak performance. If you are struggling with matching propller and mortor or not satified with the power transform efficiency, we did the experiment and made this recommandation. The propller is sold for 24.98 USD in our website.

@Konstantin_Cunichin Thanks for the correctionThe 97.4%-98.7% is part of total efficency which is 84% showed in last photo. You could call it test performance maybe :smile: Sorry for the misunderstanding.

@Ackermann This one has a better shaft and propeller, better efficiency.

You think so ? Why would Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus and lots of other car manufacturer bother in putting lot of money into simulated motor prior to manufacturing ? Predicted performances are always 95% close to the reality at least (if the motor is build the way you simulated it with same material, windings, etc). You are free to check some of the car manufacturer video showing predictions vs real data. I remember I saw the BMW i3 video and the practical test reflected entirely the simulations…

That being said, not blaming you. Just giving my 2cents :v:

What do you mean ? This prop would have >90% efficiency ? CFD analysis shows >80% efficiency water props are really hard to get (haven’t seen one, maybe there are). In fact water props with efficiency >70% Are already considered as really good.

Hi, do you really think that this is a good prop?

You can see it as the score of our test, like if it reachs our expectation.

maybe you should Yamaha.

What does the shaft help on efficiency? I think this shaft is only good if you want to use a matching propeller, in fact it is limiting people to use this exact propeller or one with the same pattern. It would be more flexible if it was just round with diameter 10 or 12 with a hole for a shear pin.

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Good suggestion. I will take that and see what we can do.

It’s the threshold test which meant to reach the theoritical peak. We double the input to see how far it can go.Normally the input would be 40-50.4V.

Let me stop you before you get too carried away…

1: You are not designing anything. This motor is straight from the manufacturer and both Flipsky and Maytech are selling the same variants. Maytech also tried to claim they designed it. If all of you are claiming design rights, someone is lying…

2: The graphs you have are from the factory. I doubt you re-did all the tests. If you did, why not show us your test setup and some videos.

3: Be honest! If you lie like Maytech has, you will ruin your reputation here and in other places. No one here minds that you are a reseller, but be honest about where the data comes from (ie. the manufacturer)

wow, wow, wow, we just changed a shaft and find a machted propeller for it, and stop misleading people here by playing all these drama. It’s quite obvious that you are trying to ruin our reputation here. Being a re-seller has nothing to be ashamed of, and I think the most of people who have been in this hobby for a while know we are not the manufacturer. We did double the input and see how far it goes in the factory before we order them from the manufacturer, and that’s what we saw. Have I ever claimed that this motor is designed by our company? It is you trying to say that we did. We are authorized to show the graph here by the manufacturer, and we paid for it.

See this is competition and playing dirty. Squeeze out competitors from the picture by commenting like a holy intellectual property denfencer. You are just taking shit in your competitors back yard, no more than that. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: