HGLTECH Electric hydrofoil efoil kits

65162 brushless motor 100kv/120kv+ 7inch propeller + 300A ESC full waterproof cooling + 2.4G WH4 remote controller

Suitable for Efoil board, electric hydrofoil board, surboard, boat,etc.

Check out here:https://www.gd-hgl.com/products/electric-hydrofoil-kits-65162-motor-7inch-propeller-300a-esc-wh4-remote-controller?variant=32981039808589

I think remote controller looks really bad.

Why would you think so?

All is here…

Yes I just have bought a esc from HGLTECH and they are very reactive…

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have you received the HI200 75v 200a vesc from us,how is the testing?