Hi everyone edje esc 160 hv question

Just got into this forum , and looks like a t on of info.
Statr to build me power sup . as first atempt .
Got Phoenix edge HV ESC. that will be water coolde later on the project.
Also got skateboard 2.4ghz 2ch tiny remote.
For some resone that i cant undestand , and make alot of cal… , still the motor ( brushless out runner , for cal only) wont start or sart and do not crank , on my Futaba 12fg all is OK.
Please any advice will be great.
Great thanks

Try pulling the trigger back into reverse/break a little after or while turning the remote on. I believe the Castle ESC won’t arm with a PWM signal above 1250ms. It also doesn’t allow you to configure endpoints and assumes zero at around 1000ms, no reverse on plane, helicopter. I had to rig my cheap RC remote so that it snaps to full reverse (=1000ms) without user input.

Thanks Pacificmeister for your replay.
Ok now i have controled the esc. i do what you worte and it workd.
However since the remote trigger is at the middel all the time ( skateboard) then i have to press the toggle down all the time. otherwise is start and jump to mid rpm. i do have all the travel from down to up. as you say ther is no end points to cal…
Im trying to find 1channel linear remote for this job, but nothing is up on the net.
I think ill make mechanical spring to take the toggel down.
Also ther is no fail safe with this remote.( if the remote is off , rpm is gaining to mid and stay ther). adding boat kill switch any way :slight_smile:)
Again thanks for the replay and info

Hi mechano
After reading your post i thought i must reply. I have same set up Phoenix 160 HV esc and using the winning 2.4 Hz remote after many frustrating hours of trying to program it to have zero throttle at Centerpoint and nothing worked I opened up the remote it has 3 red wires on the throttle trigger just unsolder Number two and three and switch them around solder them back.
then you can recalibrate throttle from full up position then to Center neutral
This worked out great for me I now have nice throttle ramping and when you let go of the throttle it will stop the motor quickly
you can fine-tune it with the throttle screw on the remote this should also allow you to start up your motor and neutral no throttle position
Hope this helps him works for you


i am using a skateboard remote and i was worried about this as well (so i did not order this esc)
the hydra version had better thorttle calibration apparently but it is not made amy more…
have you tried the 'auto calibration" with the “brake” selected at 10%, it is use to fold the propeller on airplane mode ? just wordering… because i think it is a good esc for efoil

HI Glowwhips
That was the Perfect solotion.
Working 100% .
Great thanks

Thank you all for your help.