Hisun propeller mod ideas?

I’m looking for few mods about my 2019 Hisun efoil. One of them would be related to the provided plastic propeller. Do you think another model could work better?

Motor 4000rpm
Prop shaft diam => 15mm
Pin diam => 4mm
Prop diam => 5’8 inch

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Nice little prop. It is difficult to know how it performs so long it hasn’t been swapped with another prop or lent to a friend with an a efoil who lives close by and would be keen to compare it with his own prop (sleeves needed as I don’t know motors with a 15mm shaft).
Maybe you have a champion… maybe not :+1:
Do you have a 3D printer ? Some time ago @V_S dit print a range of props with varying pitches to know which one fitted most his motor.

Remove the duct. That’s the easiest way to gain performance. Lift says you gain 40% efficiency just by removing the duct on their boards.

…at your own risk! :wink::metal:


Yes 15mm is not the best diameter to benchmark other propellers. I’ve thought to modify Prop_rev3_3blade from @pacificmeister which seems to be approved by the mass.

You’re right @Flightjunkie, most of the time I ride without the duct and there is no comparison (battery, noise, vibration, speed…).

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