Hootie and the Blowfish Build!

Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a while, learning as much about the DIY efoil building as possible with some fantastic examples I’ve seen here. I have been slowly acquiring components for my build:

Flipsky 75300 65161 kit (watercooled version - threaded shaft with pin)
Gong foil kit 75 cm Allvator Alu Mast V2, Foil Allvator XL Front Wing X-Over
140 x Molicel P4200
couple sheets of EPS foam
small 12v pump as used in other builds seen here : https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0CMJSWGNJ?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

And the reason for the name: A Lift Blowfish! Blowfish

I’m new to efoiling (surfed many years ago and wasn’t too great at it) so having a Blowfish will hopefully ease the learning curve for myself and my family/friends. As well, my less than astounding fiberglass and finishing work will mostly be hidden under the blowfish and only be exposed if I get good enough to remove it. I purchased the 5’4" version.
I really really like Lift efoils but can’t afford 16k CAD for one. I have a ton of experience in EVs including 2 boats so inclined to build one.
Couple questions I’m hoping to get answers to:
Does anyone have any dimensions/ stencils of a 5’4 lift foil?
What voltage does a new Lift foil run at - 48v nominal? I was initially thinking a 20s7p pack but I think Lift and others only run at 48v so 14s10p?
I will try and post as much as I can on my build as I go along. Big thanks for the huge amount of material so far!

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Sounds like you already bought a Lift Blowfish? If you like the concept of it I would have considered the Waydoo flyer pod, it’s been around for a while and I think is half the price of the blowfish. The blowfish just got a bunch of attention because it was just released and all the Lift fanboys are talking it up.

You could consider looking for a used 5’4 Lift board and just add your parts to it. A few builds have this sort of thing. Can try contacting Lift affiliates in your area and see if they have any. This would probably a lot cost more than a self built board, just a thought.

I think 14S10P is the way to go. Higher voltages increase the shock risk. I think most efoil builds run 12S or 14S. You can also do two 7S10P packs in series and charge with an RC balance charger. Or…two 14S5P packs in parallel, each one about 1kwh. This would give you the option of running with one pack and significantly less weight. Once you learn how to ride and you’re more efficient you might appreciate having the light weight option.

Thanks for info. I never heard of the waydoo flyer pod as it appears no one in Canada sells them. It is also more expensive to buy from the usa than the blowfish. I wish i could see more lift foils but no one around eastern canada sells them. I bought the blowfish from hhe west coast of Canada that offered free shipping. I think the blowfish would fit almost any board to a certain width but having some dimensions would be handy.

The Blowfish is a much more refined product than the Flyer One pod. It has much better handle positions and no straps across the top of the board. Waydoo did think of it first, but Lift did it better.

Lift sales affiliate in Kingston Ontario

Thanks Foilguy but im about 1500km from that store :frowning: Im in Nova Scotia a little more East.

A few tracks:
1-Ask on forums: here, esurfer, …
2-Retro-engineering: the black bottom skin width is the board perimeter of each board section so with a free 3D program you can design the optimal board, section by section, including board height and clearance for an easy fit.
You could some junk EPS/XPS pieces and place them along and perpendicuar to the main axis…
3-Trial and error using other boards… Cut an old windsurf board ?

Next step: time to learn how to sew using a sewing machine.
How to make a DiY board volume assist (BVA) from an an old inflatable kite / wing
x-ref: The Lift eFoil thread - info for the DIYer - #123 by SoEFoil

Check this out. Complete board for less than most people can diy. In Canada too,

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