How to get smooth acceleration on Seaking HV?

On my test run this day in Germany I noticed that the remote is really sensible. I’m using this one:

Basicly I jumped through the water like a crazy seal because I accelerate fully by mistake. The start up acceleration of my setup (160mm prop, 8:1 gearbox, 700kv, 12S) is producing a big thrust which is hard to handle with that small throttle range of the remote.

Unfortunately their is no option to adjust the throttle curve on the seaking.

Is there an easy option (maybe plug n play) to somehow change that throttle curve to a much smoother one?

Great, sounds like summer is around the corner and German testing is starting up again. I know what you mean, I am using that exact remote too. But I have been using it on my skateboard for 2 years so I am very used to it and have trained that micrometer thumb adjustment :). And I can’t really give my skateboard to anyone else to ride because of that. Same with the efoil right now but I see that remote with the glove water protection still as a temp solution. I don’t know of an easy plug n play solution to change the curve right now sorry. Just one tip, press your lower thumb against the housing below the trigger and push-slide forward against the trigger while keeping the thumb pressed on the housing. That gives me the finest control. Keep us posted and good luck.

I’ll give it a try next time, thanks. A friend of mine told me to put a Flight Controller between receiver and ESC to adjust the throttle:

The controller has thousands of other stuff too which might be interesting. Next week I’ll give it a shot.

What kind of ESC are you using and is it programable?
On my skateboard i use the VESC 4.12 where I’ve been able to program the throttle for a wider gap. I know that the Vesc 6/Focbox can have the throttle curved programmed.

I`m using the Seaking 130A HV. There is no option for adjusting the ramping.

Has anyone experience with this one?

The Speed Regulator arrived today and is working surprisingly well!! Now the throttle curve can be adjusted by potentiometer. This tiny tool will extend the lifetime of my gearbox about few hours longer :wink:


Hi there,
I was quite desperate about the hard acceleration of the Seaking 130v throwing me off many times when I came across your post. That sounds very interesting so I immediately ordered myself the turnigy 3 channel Servo speed controller. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about adjusting the throttle curve.
Can you please explain how you did that?

I’m going to experiment with using an Arduino tomorrow to see if I can smooth the acceleration. It can also act as a shutoff in case the ESC gets too hot.

nano v2 remotes need to be ‘calibrated’ per use.

  1. turn your remote on
  2. apply full throttle and full brake
  3. turn receiver on
  4. you have a calibrated remote.

do this every time you turn off your remote.

It works fine. I’ve tested it with a small motor and the SSS 360 as well, this is a sketch that could be a start.
the only thing to adjust will be the ESC throttle setting procedure for each ESC I guess one option would be to bypass the ramp for the fisrt 5 sec since powering on the Arduino…

How did you connect it?
I connected the cables from reciever to the pins to the right of ch1 and the servo to ch1 +, -, signal cable on the correct pins . I can not get any servo action (or control a motor).

I bought two of them at different times.

Did I get two faulty ones or is there something I do not underrstand?

I use the Flier esc and you can program throttle a few ways, with logorithic making the mid-full throttle are really smooth for feathering. We did have seakiing 130a and it always wanted to run hot and didnt allow usb programming like the flier esc for soft throttle start and logorighmic setting etc… just a thought but a bigger/better esc will make a difference. I also have a waterproof remote ready for builders here than works aweome!