Hydro V1/ SSS 56104 / NEUGART PLE 40 / 12s12p 18650 VTC6 /SWORDFISH 300pro +

I am manu and am from France, sorry for my approximate English.
after having made 1 e-skate http://www.e-sk8.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1123 and e_ montain board http://www.e-sk8.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2235 I throw myself in the water with my first hydroFoil (FORAKER/TRAMPA HolyPro 35/ 12s12ah/ OVERION 6374/ ESCape 6.4 / metr.pro - Vos réalisations et futurs projets - ESK8FR - La communauté du ride électrique)
I leave on a base of windsurfing re shaper:

propultion I rely on the advice of @pacificmeister.
Thank you for your help and advices.



Orders placed:
https://www.swapland.fr/tube-aluminium/ … 90246.html
Gearboxes - Neugart USA Corp. … e / ple / # c40
Take contact here for order un France :
To be continued…

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Welcome Manu !
Could you tell us more about your Data acquisition chain ?


That looks like a bluetooth module that’s just sending back data to the phone…

Surely but what a nice app this one … Jul 13, 2018 - metr.at | VAGOI
@Alexandre what do you think ?

I saw your DATA…52kph is too much!! Can i try one day? Do you want to Hit a new record ? I ll follow you!!! :wink: Great job man!!

well i think it is a very nice app , working only with his module uart for vesc no ? , i really want to use vesc but i think i am too heavy with a takuma wing and small board, to pull less amp …
i use the bluetooth module from hifei to get the data to my iphone right now, but it don’t use it very much

swapland (nice :wink: ) or this Accueil - www.christianmecaboutique.fr

Sorry to disappoint you but today in July 2018 it’s an e-mountainboard display :wink:. That should be possible in a few months though .The good thing of this (temporarily bad) news is that more and more people who have gained experience in e-skate, e-surf or e-mountainboard like @Manu are joining and bringing interesting skills :+1:

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Thank you all for your interest in Metr.pro. I’m not his designer, just a happy user.
The metr.pro works in UART, it is connected to a ESCAPE equivalent of VESC 6 and allows to have a reassembly of engine temperature info, temperature VESC, consumption Ampere, speed, distance performed, battery voltage percentage …
Ability to update ESCAPE via Bluethooth BLE

The link to the metr.pro website:

No way to adapt it to E-Foil but Hifei already has a module of the same type … compatible with the SWORDFISH ESC …

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Ok Man, I ll wait GOOD NEWS by You!! You wrote right: more people…are joining and bringing interesting skills!!! Sound Great!! :wink:

Arrival of the first order:
60 OD aluminum tube, 57 ID, will house the motor and gearbox.

Nice is it really 57.00mm ?

I think we are not bad, No … what do you think?

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thank you ,well 56.97 is not 57.00mm , had the same problem with a tube 40mm inside (christianmecaboutique), and the 40mm motor did not fit
i am asking that because it very hard to find tubing with the correct inside diameter, no problem for you to fit the motor, but to make a good cooling or printing parts at 57mm will not fit the tube , be carefull :wink:

when I would have the engine would make a return


You could try one of those


need your advice to choose my sss 56114 in combination with the reducer NEUGART PLE 40/5: 1 …
360 kv or 500 kv …
I admit to being a little lost, less Kv more torque certte but the reducer will not you have too much impact on a low kv engine … ??
thanks for your advices.

machined shaft and coupler