Looking for a high skilled company or builder to create HydroFoilElectric Bike. Patent already exists. This would be for an equity stake.

And Development should be ready by first of April?

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Not sure if serious but why not just use a surf bike rack with extra hook for wing and strut? Include a battery that you can connect either to bike or board…
Adding bike weight to flying weight doesn’t seem like the best idea but sure it could work. I wouldn’t be interested in equity but would be interested in designing this for you. Shoot me PM.



Sounds like a fun challange!,
Would work great for commut to work :slight_smile:
you would also be the hydrofoil bike legend in your town!

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Possibly to commute across a body of water, maybe as a dingy, or deliver packages near body of water? No need to lock up bike or board as it is always with you. Thanks for your input. Just trying to figure if it is worth going to that next level.

Sign me up! This is the best idea on the forum. no. the entire internet! Maybe you can use the prop as a wind turbine when going down hills for regenerative braking.


Thank you for your reply. And the prop as regenerative yes, I have that in the patent description (wrote about three years ago) and forgot all about. . :slight_smile: The challenge is I do not have the engineering skills to create the next step. Next step is probably an Angel Investor.I am open to thoughts or suggestions…

Here are the pics in one image.

I had decided to be be nice and just let this be. But now you have started spamming threads everywhere. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! It will be cumbersome, heavy and a complete nightmare! And there is no way that prop will spin in the air in order to be used for regenerative power.
Think about how often people buy amphibious cars (pretty much never)… Then think about how many people would bother buying an amphibious bike with a hydrofoil attached to it…


Hahahahaah …

But, this post is just a joke right?

They can’t be serious…:rofl:

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FYI - we had to silence this account since it started to spam across various other threads.


Good move! I was about to say something too!

Maybe supernova was branching out into hydrofoil bikes :stuck_out_tongue: