I want to buy an tow boogie

Is there a commercial available tow boogie? Beside the etow? Something smaller and cheaper? Don’t really want to build anything myself.

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Nothing available yet that I’ve seen. There was WaveEscort, but they haven’t posted anything in ages. Another one I saw mentioned on here was “space aged foils”, but there’s nothing online any more. Towing with an efoil isn’t very optimal either.

Building a basic boogie isn’t too hard, trickiest part is sourcing the battery, either making or buying one.

That’s a market for Foil Drive: the Foil Drive Boogie kit, everything but the board :wink:

How much do you want to pay and where are you located?

With the standard FD mark up it would be the same price as a Takuma!

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I already have foil drive. How to convert it into a tow boogie? Just use a foil board and mast without the fuse and wings?

Find and copy a project that works (like @jenz with a mast in the midle of the board)
Cut or find a short mast, install your pod + motor
Find a rope.

If you ride on flat water, you are in efoil mode, you need a FD Assist Plus for a correct autonomy (100% pull)
If you surf waves, you are in FD mode, a FD Assist could be ok (50% pull).

A friends tried using an assist plus, and it just about worked. Needed a use a really big wing, like a png1310 to get up. After a couple of tried with the assist he on went on and built a proper boogie.

For a tow boogie, if you’re 70+kg, the solution is probably a more powerful motor like the APS 63100 that you’ll have to marinize: