Ideal Board Dimensions and Shape

I have never built an efoil before but i am planning on starting a build. I want to 3d print the board, mast and foil. What would be the ideal dimensions for the board itself. I am a wakeboarder and i paddleboard so im used to watersports and balancing. Im just hoping that some of you with more experience with efoiling specifically can give me some insight into your ideal dimensions of performance and ride ability and why you chose those dimensions. thank you for any insight you can offer.

I don’t have much to contribute myself, but you might find some information on this thread.

I hope this helps, good luck!

How do you plan to 3d print your board? I’ve tried many techniques but that one seemed like the harder approach.

An ideal board would not be 3D printed…
Size wise go for 5ft x 65cm and about 10cm thickness.


How is 10cm thick ideal? The board has to be optimized for the components. Your battery is probably the biggest factor in board thickness. Reverse engineer it from there.

Simple… My battery is 72mm thick. Base of board 15mm thick and hatch 10mm thick. That leaves 3mm of air gaps. in total that is 10cm…

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Yeah but we are talking for somebody else’s “ideal”? Not sure that’s a simple answer like you propose. JMHO.

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Well if you ask me
i judge the waydoo efoil board as pretty perfect. big enough to ride and not to heavy or bulky… And if you make a touch down on the water it has pretty good gliding ability and does not break that much as a fliteboard once you touch the water again…
For beginners I would suggest to make it a bit bigger, similar to the fliteboard air… don`t forget to put in a good rocker… this really helps when touching down on the surface;-)

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