I'll pay you to Epoxy my outrunner

I’ve watched the vids , I’ve got the tools but I don’t trust myself to do this correctly. Can I send my 6384 to someone to epoxy? My idea is to see your work and then try to replicate it, vs botching it on my first try. :pray:

Cc @JetboardCologne @pacificmeister @PowerGlider

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Where are you from? It’s going to cost you like 10 times the motor itself, just for the delivery!
It’s not rocket science man, get some casting resin mix it, dunk the stator in it until it gels and you’re pretty much done, you can fill the magnet gap with silicone, get the “high-tack” MS Polymer construction adhesive, it’s pretty easy to work with, how bad can it be, you either succeed or learn.


Agree, I also coated the inside of the rotor, keep it thin, I did not even bother to fill the gaps between the magnets, just epoxied it. Put a shrink tube over the shaft and printed a disk to cover the slots at the bottom of the bell. Changed bearings to stainless. Used it for half a year, no problems so far.

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Wonder has anyone tested 2 pack polyurethane varnish instead of epoxy? Its very sturdy stuff, stick on almost anything and easy to keep thin during applying. Would probably work well on the rotor also.There are some conformal type 2 pack polyurethane varnish ( difficult to source) but was referring to ordinary stuff for boats etc.

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I think the best procedure for impregnating the motor for e-foil purposes is according to the first post (by e-Jetter). However, in addition, I would use a vacuum pump from an old fridge to remove all the air after impregnation. The impregnation method was explained in detail by PowerGlider (maybe someone else) somewhere here, so look for his posts.

Thanks but @PowerGlider is the best really.
I should note that if you go for the immersion method, credit @drswitch:

You should cover your leads with clay or apply heavy grease with a tiny paintbrush to the bottom where they exit the stator, if they harden from the very bottom you run the risk of them becoming brittle, although it’s not a disaster, if they harden - just be careful not to bend or tug on them too much, ideally you want them to remain as flexible as possible.
More importantly is to also pack the bearing slot with a lot of plasticine clay, with my second motor I forgot this step and so I had to grind the epoxy remains for hours before the mounting plate and bearings could be reinserted properly.