iLogger - Micro SD, GPS, WIFI, CAN, Tool App

Hi everyone!

I have been developing a compact and smart logger for Vesc based ESCs for quite some time now, I call it the Infinity Logger (iLogger).

I posted details about it on the esk8 forums, and I thought the efoil community would also find it useful, I had a couple people telling me they would use it for their efoil builds.

iLogger is small module (42.60mm x 19.90mm x 9mm) powered by ESP32.
It has:

  • Built-in Micro SD card : Provides an all the time logging experience, you don’t need to carry a phone, all the Vesc stats are automatically logged and saved on a micro SD card. ( Can theoretically store over 10 years worth of data)
  • WIFI : Once you configure an access point through the companion IOS/Android App, iLogger can perform OTA, synchronize time, upload and share your log online (, and enable automatic synchronization if you want to always backup your data to the cloud.
  • GPS : iLogger has a GPS port that supports most GPS modules (Ex: ublox Neo 6m). GPS port has a Tx, Rx, Gnd and 3.3V power supply pins to interface your GPS module - GPS data is logged.
  • BLE : iLogger comes with a cross platform companion app that allows you to perform initial setup and change settings, view/browse saved logs, and analyze them directly on the app.
  • Faults codes logging
  • Can connect to UART or CAN : It has a built in CAN Transceiver.
  • External antenna

Current development:

I’m in the process of wrapping up the first batch testing units, which are limited to 20x (Almost all beta units are sold, 2nd batch expected to start by end of June).

I started producing the hardware about 2 weeks ago, will probably receive them this week and start shipping out beta units by mid June.

Package contains:

1x iLogger module, 1x 7pin cable, 1x CAN cable, 1x external antenna. (Micro sd card not included)

Modules are on sale, available for $55.99 instead of $60.00 at: .

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!


Already bought one module! I’m really looking forward for this!

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Hey guys,

I haven’t posted an update here for a while, so I thought I would share the current iLogger project progress:

I have shipped out the first 20 units yesterday and planning on starting production for the second batch as soon as I gather some feedback on the hardware.

I’m updating the setup guide which reflects the latest features I implemented.

I would love to hear feedback and suggestions from early adopters to keep improving this project :+1:


Very professional :clap: 20 characters

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Mine is already in the post. I’m really looking forward to this having everything on board!

When will the app be released?

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I have submitted the app for review on Google play and Apple store, it should be out this week, I’m also finishing writing the setup tutorial which explains how to properly setup and use the iLogger.

I have worked on a major update while the modules were out for shipping, so once the app is approved there will be an update available.

Great! Do you see any problems with this GPS module and the ilogger?


If I enclose this in my aluminum waterproof box with my VESC, will I be able to download the data off of it via Bluetooth so I don’t have to open the box? The VESC Bluetooth signal works good through the box. I see the antenna. So, I’m guessing this is how it’s designed to work?


Better go with this one :

Proven to work flawlesly on many drone builds.

@superlefax Yes that should work fine.
@Flightjunkie I guess if you are able to receive your Vesc Bluetooth then you won’t have any problem connecting to the iLogger, the external antenna provides an extra boost and I have no problem connecting from across the room.
@Sliman_O suggested module should also work.


Thank you. I’ve purchased one. Can’t wait to get it. I got charged $12 shipping. :sob: The price I pay for living in Hawaii I guess…

How big a file are the data logs? Pretty small right? Does the SD card need to be a expensive fast speed type, or will one of the old micro SD cards I have laying around work?

As a rough estimate, when do you think I’ll get it?



Will this GPS module work inside my waterproof aluminum box, under the carbon fiber hatch? The Bluetooth signal will.

If maybe not, is there a recommended model that has the option for an external antenna?


Logs don’t take that much of a space, for example an 8Gb SD card should probably hold around 3-4 years of data if you ride everyday for a couple hours. There is also an online cloud api where you can upload and store your data, I’m currently working on implementing an account system for it.

As for the SD card, you can give your old one a try, it should work without problems, it doesn’t need to be super fast, I have an unbranded Chinese one I got with my 3D printer and it is holding pretty fine.

I think I’m going to start batch 2 production sometime this week, which takes around 2 weeks before I can ship it out :+1:

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I doubt it will. Those things tend to lose signal pretty fast. I haven’t seen any with “external” antenna. Instead there are pretty much the same units packed in a waterproof box that you can put on top op your foil or somewhere where the signal shall still be good.

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The proposed ublox Neo 6m has a GPS external antenna connector in U.FL standard.

Midpage: you can snap or screw a remote antenna extension to the module U.FL connector
An antenna is required to use the module for any kind of communication. So, the module comes with a patch antenna having -161 dBm sensitivity.
Patch antenna is great for most projects. But if you want to achieve more sensitivity **or put your module inside a metal case**, you can also snap on any 3V active GPS antenna via the U.FL connector.


U.FL connectors are small, delicate and are not rated for strain. To prevent damaging the U.FL connection, we recommend threading the U.FL cable through the mounting hole, then attach the U.FL connectors.

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Yeah I see, but what they call “external” antenna is just the GPS antenna (that brown square box) which I said might be packed in a waterproof box. Nothing like an antenna we’re use to see on receiver for exemple.

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Yes. I’m thinking I could solder a shielded extension wire into that wire and mount that patch antenna to the underside of the hatch at the forward most end of the compartment.

It would still have to work through the carbon fiber hatch, but if the VESC Bluetooth works through the aluminum box, and the Carbon fiber hatch, and the maytech extended antenna worked through the CF hatch, hopefully this will?

I’d hate to mount it on the deck of the board, but as a last resort I could route the wire under the seal at the forward end of the compartment and put the patch antenna under the deck pad.

Just ideas. I purchased the ilogger, so I’ll let you guys know how it goes. I haven’t decided what GPS module to buy yet. But, needs to be one with the external antenna option.

@WavRX will this GPS module work? And what thoughts do you have about GPS signal strength?

In-Depth: Interface ublox NEO-6M GPS Module with Arduino


@Flightjunkie Yes that’s the exact module I currently have and do my tests on.
Unlike Bluetooth, GPS antennas typically need a clear view of the sky, but I would first try and see if it gets a GPS lock inside the enclosure, it doesn’t then work your way out until it does.

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Good question, I have no idea if this will make it or not. Better try it out if you can and let us know how it went.

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How about this GPS module? Works without antenna. But, comes with a 3m long external antenna.