I'm new to this, where do I start?

As there is an increasing number of “Where do I start” sort of questions, @pacificmeister could you create a new category called “Beginner’s advice”
And pin this post ?

They are three DiY categories on this forum (Dec. 2023):
1- Efoils mostly based on 65161 motors,
2- FauxDriveAssists (FDA) based on 6374 and 6384 motors.
3- Electric Tow boogies based on 6374 and 6384 motors

The learning curve is steep, so you’ll have to read for dozens of hours.
To find your way more easily, you’ll have to learn how to use the forum search function…

Try to focus on existing part lists = Keywords “part? list?” - ? means with “s” or not - 100+ results

Other possibility - Keyword “docs.google.com” sorted latest lists first - 38 results with google spreadsheets:
Search results for 'docs.google.com order:latest' - FOIL.zone

Topics to come for the category:
How do I choose my foil ?
How do I choose my cells ?
How do I choose my remote ?
How do I learn to efoil ?


Good idea.

I would add that it appears there are a number of people planning on building who have never experienced foiling.

There are lots of ways to have that experience. Have a friend let you try, go to a dealer or school who can provide the equipment and instruction (at least for flat water efoil) etc.


I started with the battery/mast/motor and then designed the board around those components. Made my own battery in a Pelican case & designed the board to fit the dimensions of it.