Infiltrazioni di acqua

Hi friends I finished building a month ago but I have water infiltrations from this lid and I don’t know how to do it anymore, I would like to abandon everything, I put gaskets, silicone but I have water infiltrations, there is someone who can give any advice thanks!

Are you sure that the water is coming in from the lid? It could be coming in from the screw holes of the mast!!

yes it comes in through the lid, I resinated inside and out, I don’t know how to seal the lid, I’m out of ideas

If you want to know where water comes from, just inject pressurized air + spread dishwashing liquid over the box that will make bubbles where the leak is. Effective but you have to drill a hole, mount an air inlet. Then according to your liking, once you know where the infiltration comes from, remove the air inlet or not.

thanks for your idea but I have infiltrations from the lid and I cannot put air in, I wanted help from you on what kind of gaskets to put …

I use sticky back epdm sponge seal 6mm X 25mm. I join the ends with super glue. It works really well. I rarely see a drop in my enclosure.
I noticed that your screws are spaced apart a lot. You may need to add more.

great… thanks

You have the @michion solution seen here: pouring degased mold star 30 silicone from Smooth On into the gap between board and hatch.

… foe a sleek and seamless result:


There is also @MAC’s way with a glass plate and coins to determine the hatch gasket thickness. The same technique can be used for the seal between the mast plate and the board.