Inflatable Board

I’m looking at getting a custom inflatable board made. What do you guys think of this shape and size? Not sure how you would fix the electronics box in place. Anyone have any ideas?


I have two inflatable efoils. I bought the inflatable part and inner core part from @CabraTec. It’s been great for me so far. I am still waiting on @Flying_Rodeo to sell me an actual board but for the time being they work great.

Inner core part is built from carbon fiber and kevlar. It’s got lips on the edges so it can grasp the inflatable and vice versa. I have a few different battery setups but it easily holds my 12s10p pack using a 8" port hole on the top. You can find out more about how that works on their website.

Also, I saw inflatable efoil stuff on Alibaba too.

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Thanks @tylerclark, that’s good to know. Do you think there is any risk of ripping the electronic/mast etc away from the board if you had a big off?

And yes, I’m also waiting for @Flying_Rodeo to sell boards :smiley:

What did you pay for just the board and inner?

Go shorter. I wouldn’t go longer than 150 and I am 6’2" and 90kg.

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Just a detail but I think the cutout cannot be rectangular as on your drawing, the “corners” would need to be round, the ones I’ve seen have a radius with half of the width (15cm in your case).

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Yes, thank you. It was an omission on the drawing.

Shorter version at 140cm.

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I had cabratec before but it somehow sticks to the water before lift off… Now I got a inflatable board. It runs much easier and does not stick to the water surface. They told me, it`s a special rockerline and some small changes that make big difference in terms of drag…
Got it just a few days ago but already love it…My friend has a liftfoil… Looks like engine is same…but biggest difference: elevate fits in my car within 1minute & weighs about 5-7kg less than the lift… .:+1:


That’s a lot. Would you have some pictures of the Elevate especially the box opened and closed ? Which ESC is it delivered with ? Could you give us a few dimensions:

  • Waterproof box :
  • Board innner cut out, board inflated:
  • Board innner cut out, flat (board deflated):
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Hi @yargaroo. Thanks for the info. I’ve noticed that some of the inflatable boards appear to have a front end that is lower than the back, almost like it’s concave. If this is the case, there will be an area of lower pressure under the board that will cause it to “suck” to the surface. Maybe I’ll give it a bit more rocker to try and avoid this happening!

Any photos and measurements of the electrical box would be a great help!

What does everyone think about the 30cm x 60cm opening for the electronics, etc? Big enough?

If you thinking the boards look concave while someone is out the water on the board, its because the board is flexing down under the weight. In the water the flex should come back to a convex shape. Ultimately they will always have some flex.

Size should be fine. My hatch is 500x350 and it has ample space.

Should be OK, I haven’t built the box yet, but the opening of my board is 29 by 68 cm, with “round” corners. It is quite similar to the gabratec easy goat.

Cool. How are you going to build your box?

The plan is to 3d print segments that build a “ring” inside the opening. I would then use a 5mm alu plate at the bottom and a carbon sandwich lid with a 8” hatch at the top. The bottom plate and the lid will be screwed to the ring (inserts). The 3d printed ring will be laminated with carbon.

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Old thread but i’m looking in the same direction.

I’d think the rocker on the front should be more than 3cm, double this would be nice and a spec how far back it will go.

I wonder if the opening could be placed further back without loosing contact to the rest of the board, the boards i’ve seen on ali sites look like the opening is almost centered which i don’t think is the best,


I’d like to place mast even further to the rear, opening could be smaller.

@Jezza : have you got something along these lines?


Mala Board, very nice and good quality.


Nice board! I’ll have a look at these but i had a hard time finding them first, finally found them on facebook. What did you pay?