Inflatable Trailing Edge?

Earlier this year we did a group buy and got these $400 noname wings. They have an inflated trailing edge, like Slingshot. Guess it’s supposed to ad stability/rigidity in some way. Is there a future for inflated trailing edges? I don’t like it. The rig seems heavy and unbalanced.

  1. I have to try that thing when we get some wind.

And second, apparently there is some interest in stiffening the trailing edge but people are talking more about putting some line or cord in a hem to settle it down and not actual structure like this.

Can you ride it without inflating it? Also sees like something a kite repair place could remove easily.

Yes you are welcome to try it, am curious what you think. Good idea, I might just cut it off and sew in a leech line like we have on kites. They used to be adjustable on kites to trim and reduce flapping noise. My sewing machine has seen many kites, not afraid to tackle this :grinning:

Why are you playing with no name hand wings when you have a guy who can get you ensis wings? Those ensis wings look amazing.

This is what they do in prof. sailing …

but always curious what a novice will notice. The first thing is to be able to stand up, with or without a “bladder”