Is it a good ESC? - High Current FSESC 200A 60V base on VESC6 -


I wanna built a efoil and I am looking for s solid esc.

Is the FSEC 200A water cooled esc a good solid ESC? Anyone long time experience?

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For me it works fine. Maybe like 20 rides in total.

Works like a charm, been out 10 times. Read About VESC, there is alot of settings, but it is Great When setup correct.

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I soldered a QS8 plug on it to reduce wire madness. I think it is a good mod, but you need a big soldering iron for this

It’s probably my setup, but I don’t trust the Flipsky VESC yet because sometimes I press the trigger and release and the motor still spins for another second or two. Not sure which setting that is, but it’s scary that it’s not immediately responsive.

Could be free spinn, if it’s in the air, you could configure a small break current, that slows it down immediately, that’s what I noticed when I played around with my VESC6.12.

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I bought that one from bangood and after 7 months and over 30 hours of pure riding time i never had any problem with it. My setup: passive watercooled FSESC 200A / APS63100 / RL Foil (efoil Wing 2019) / selfmade12s10p Samsung 30Q Battery
…btw FoilLip is a great dad-joke name. i like it

No problems either…

Check remote endpoints and signal and down ramping time setting

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My 200A FESC often goes into a fault mode, with an ABS_OVER_CURRENT, When I try to start. I have to be very gentle with the throttle. Anyone who knows About this problem?

I Got 9 faults within the first 20 seconds, see log below:

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I have Motorcurrent 150 and Abs current 181 and No problems.
Your Motor is 160A Limit?
Whats your ABS?

I was getting that error all weekend, turns out I had the incorrect motor poles as when using motor setup wizard it doesnt give option to set poles, i had to do it in motor menu itself.

Motor current is set to 160A and absolute current to 200a

Motor poles is set to 3, Im using the SSS 56104 motor with gear

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I don’t know if this helps but I think that motor has 6 poles.

We use pair poles for erpm so 3

What is your battery current max ? You can use this to lower spike and increasing ramping up time for the remote to 0,9 -1 s

Battery current is set to 100A and ramp up time to 0,6. What should set battery at?

I have tried BLDC mode instead, and then the error dont occur. Only in FOC mode.

Batt amp max is nice at 100A I think and it will not change much since you got fault on start low duty (8-10) , low erpm (400-1000) , the motor hits 160A
May be : ramping at 0,9s
Motor max amp at 130A ( which should be enough)
Increase stator saturation ( but I think it is more for outrunner that dysynchronized under torque)
May change remote curve mapping to make it more flat the first 10%

You may also want to try current control duty in your case it might offer a better control on start

I Will try that! The fault is gone now, When I use BLDC instead of FOC. What do you About that?