Is my foil setup right?

Hi All, Wasn’t exactly able to find a foil that looked like my Chinese one that I picked up off aliexpress.

I think I have my foil setup like I see in the pics of the foil in the ad. But not sure if it is actually correctly setup. Based on the indents in the foil parts it seems I have it setup right.

Don’t worry… It’s right :grin:

Probably a clone of the takuma v100 , worked fine with me , no worry to have until 35km/h

Thank you so much for the responses.

I have a Flipsky 65161 100kv running on 12s… I tried running it off the prop that came with the motor. I cut it down to 6" and it already had the 5" pitch… Could barely get foiling and when I would. The wing didn’t have stability.

Trying to print some higher pitch props and going to try again…