Is there a suitable cad? Thanks

Uploading: F1CB38C4-EB4B-438F-87D9-056D451BD871.jpeg…

I think I have what you need. This is the double agent?

I tried to make an efoil but I don’t have his size. I can’t fix my motor. Can you send me a message? Thank you. extremely grateful

Sorry. But I don’t have files that will work for you. I have another pot design. I can give you the sketch and you can implement it into your files. I will upload it later.

seems like it’s the same size as the liquid force one (if the width is actually 13.5)

you can either import the drawing above to draw on top of it,
or use an existing design and grab the sketch of that shape inside.

Sorry, mat my width is 14.8 Thank you for your reply. Thank you.

@pacificmeister made a video (I think) talking about taking a picture of your mast profile and then importing into fusion 360 as a canvas. Then making a sketch from it once you scale it. Then you can extrude cut anything you want to be the right size.

Thank you mr ty, I will not use this software.