It seems we still need a DIY 65151 Direct Drive motor

Edit maybe this name is poor… I saw Peter’s post and I was sad.

Some bad news recently for the DIYers about 65151 motors. We will continue waiting for someone to make a good quality 65151 direct drive motor. I guess maytech and flipsky are the closest at this point, but do they still have issues?

If I were to get a motor, I think my checklist would have the following:

  • 65151 form factor
  • Yamaha or FR prop shaft termination
  • Forward thrust bearing
  • Proper shaft seal for up to 4k rpm
  • EPDM 8awg wire because glue doesnt stick to silicone
  • 150A continuous rating under the water
  • Sinusoidal bemf for FOC control

Are there other considerations?

What’s the bad news? Did I miss something?

Hard to get 65150. I will go with something around 70150 instead. Still acceptable and really efficient form factor. What’s the bad nieuws ?

I had good results with this one for sealing instead of glue
Permatex 82180 Ultra Black Maximum Oil Resistance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 3.35 oz. Tube

I was waiting for one of Peter’s motors. And yes I very much like the 70150! But I wonder the same things: can I get a sealed one with a thrust bearing and proper shaft seal? Can I get one with non-silicone leads so I can bond to the leads? Silicone is terrible wire jacket material. It gets used in toy airplanes and drones where is no trade is as beneficial as weight, so you see tiny leads that get super hot. But for every other application silicone is awful because it tears easily and you can’t repair it, and in marine applications you can’t really bond to it.

Edit: I’m not trying to poop on anyone’s build or design. What’s working is working and we rejoice! But I would like to see our community not held hostage to toy airplane standards when we have rather different needs, and should have our own standards for wiring and interconnects.

I’m a bit lost here, is everyone refering to the 65161 as the 65151 and 65150? And then which motor are guys refering to in the 70150?

As for silicone wires, bond them with marine silicone, it will never pull off. I’ve used it on all my wires and the seal flawlessly.

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If you guys just wait a few months I will get my motor ready. It is a 72160 inrunner motor. If anyone is using this form factor he is copying me, because I never saw any other motor with those dimensions, that’s why I took them. 2 test units will be send to diyers in EU (only, for now) hopefully. The third motor will be tested by me.

I wont use any thurst bearing, those things are a nightmare for maintenance. Instead there are couple of other options.

Will consider it.

Ok I never saw one either and I was confused!

I don’t mean to suggest that thrust bearings are the only option, but for $400 I just would like a motor that has been designed for continuous axial thrust. That could be plastic bushings or conical bearings or who knows what :smiley: I doubt 10mm deep groove ball bearings will last long at 20kg axial.

I can’t wait to see your motor! Maybe we can trade motor and ESC (and our governments get rich in the process)? I am going to try something rather unorthodox with the ESC location and sealing, which may be slightly crazier than the efoil bike.

Every single part of the motor is studied for continuous duty. It can withstand up to 50kg backward thrust and more than 500kG forward lol. You will break your mast before damaging the bearings.

Sure, we’ll see at that time, but I’d hate to pay $150-$200 for customs…

So its a trade secret, which is totally cool. But also please tell me that you are a bearing guy and its like, angular contact bearings or something and the 500kg is not the static load rating of deep groove ball bearings. Because I have had my faith in humanity shattered many times.

Customs is just the dumbest thing ever. Yes let us see when the time comes if politics decides not to get in the way of good engineering!

So long story short, the motor is made with help of someone that worked to build Altsom (edited Alstom in place of Altom lol) motor’s years ealier (before Alstom belgium sells this par to General Electric). The mechanical part will be no problem.

And yes, if you are wondering we are using angular contact bearing. You can’t whistand 500kg otherwise.

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If it is possible to use Pacificmeister’s design solution using Neguart gearbox and 65120 or 65100 motor
To get higher torque and use less power.

Combination of Neguart gearbox and 65120 or 65100 motor is possible,If the Neugart gearbox and 65 motor’s price are low.

50 nurgart gearbox, 4:1 , with custom shaft

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We are trying to get rid of the gearbox, hence the direct drive inrunner with high torque…

May I ask where did you get this 4:1 Neugart Gearbox with custom shaft ? Any link ?

I customized this gearbox from Neugart for my other application.

I think direct drive inrunner with high torque wih need more current or more power, this will affect the endurance time of efoil.

I want to use gearbox to use less current and may design a circle ESC mounted inside the hull.

Can it withstand axial load ?

Not sure about this. PM managed to foil @17A with Peter’s direct drive motor I think. In my opinion direct drive inrunner is more efficient.

yes, it can withstand aixial load,
Maximum axial force is 1000N