Jet drive for 65161 motor

I have looked at the various offerings of jet drive from a variety of manufactures and from what I can see the “jet” is more or less a prop inside a more elaborate duct system than you would typically find on a ducted propellor driven rig. The closest to that analogy seems to be the Lift jet drive

I appreciate there is a reduction in efficiency and a questionable increase in safety over a ducted or non ducted prop but I have a need to alter my current rig to occasionally make it a “jet drive”

To that end I think the easiest approach for me is to 3D print a “jet drive” duct system for my rig

To convert I would simply pull my Flite prop off the motor and install the “jet duct” into the mounting holes on the shaft end of the motor. I might have to make it a two piece unit like Lift’s to get the Flite prop back on.

Does anyone have a Lift jet drive they can provide some measurements from? If I was really lucky I might be able to just use the Lift one with maybe a slim adapter for mounting

Does anyone know the dimensions of the mounting hole in the lift props?