Jet Propulsion?

Has anyone had experiance with jet propulsion or tried to build one,some say they arnt as efficient as a prop,but they seem to work on jet skis from a safety point of view I favor them

The books/works of Kotaro Horiuchi are a great source of knowledge. Jet propulsion works best when it is above the water, a jet ski’s thrust is located out of the water. For a foil boat the principle was the same. As in Kotaro’s example below, water piped up through the rear mast and out the rear. Otherwise the impeller of a jet drive is functionally a ducted propeller.

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Jets do perform best at the surface but they still work below the surface just with less thrust.
We are designing one to test as well because of the safety aspect and many other benefits which make it worth building in my opinion. There are several others using jet drives on foils and we have a handful of backers of my Kickstarter efoil project doing jet propulsion as well. Everyone is getting up riding so it works, battery run time may be shorter but its about having fun and being safe at this point.

That’s great to hear I’m going to give it a go got a few ideas will post soon

are any of you guys looking at the Scubajet? Add-on jet power with 44lbs (20kg) of thrust.

Yes, we have chatted with them a few times. Not really enough power, they don’t have a smooth throttle control, and the battery is tiny, but nice little units!

very happy with my jet today, my progression is good, is a very simple and effective system probably I’l can ride 30 to 40 minutes when fly perfect without falls.


Fantastic work Virus, your setup looks wicked!
We have a jet drive also though a very different style than what you have.

I will definitely build a jet drive at some stage! For anyone having less experience in boating and safety but wanting to try e-foiling it will provide way more safety!

my last video Youtube, my position is better and I start to control the roll axis, very difficult to me that axis.


What motor and prop size are you running on this setup?


56mm prop, leopard, sss motor and tp power, runs well with all


Hi @virus Virus, Im a big fan ! following you on Youtube from day 1!
Is this setup is the same prop, stator and nozzle as V1 ?
The flow looks amazing, can you share your CAD or some more information about this setup?

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Yes, it’s the same prototype, prop, stator and nozzle v1, my first version, I was sure this part had to work. Sharing information about how its made is not a problem. If you follow me, you can see all the information on my Youtube channel. I do not like to give my designs, I like to see people can make their own designs but if you send a pm I can give you a little more details from my design. This propeller will only work in metal or carbon fiber, the blade is very thin. Thanks

Thanks @virus for the information!

So this is direct drive now, as in no gearbox?

yes direct drive, no gearbox, no problems!