Let´s build together a better Motorposition

For me and of course the most Riders ist the driving range very important.

9 cm more or less driving range makes a really great different! So the position from the Motor is the important for the driving range. In the pictures you can look what I exactly mean.

Sure, we can use a longer Mast. A longer Mast makes other Problems, example in flat water, about the Transport, friction …

Maybe here is the first step for an solution. Please look at my solution and give me your Ideas to make it better or realize it. If you think the way is wrong give me an answer too.

I am curious about your answers. I will create it and publish the STL-Dat.



I am curious about your answers. I will create it and publish the STL-Dat.


How about the wires? Fuselage is quite solid. I still think it’s a great idea though

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Or is it the red part below?

It is I have just understood :slight_smile:

I also thought about that in my V3 build to mount the FR Motor on the same axis like the Fuslage.
The problem in my build now, I bought the CFK Carbon V2 Mast from Gong. So i think, with that Mast it will not possible to lead the cables through the full length of the mast :woozy_face:

Right, Carbon Mast doesn’t work. But with the Alu Mast is it not such a problem. I don’t know how the Efoil rides if the Distance between the wings is ca. 33 cm.

Might just have to try it–I just saw this video of a PWR Foil prototype where they don’t even have a stabilizer wing in the back. Supposedly it’s not even an issue until you stop applying power

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Thank you about the Information, it´s very interesting. Maybe we should think new about the Strat and try it with this lower distance between the wings.

Funny idea to try riding without a strat. Everyone can try it easyly. :wink: Has anyone expierience? :thinking:

I drive without a stab

, I find it better than with. However, the center of gravity of the Efoil must be between the wing and the mast.


Here comes the new Version. Hope it´s ready for print and a first testing.

I had almost the same idea to have the same design as Flite with a Gong setup, using the gong short fuselage. I thought to drill the fuselage to have a 85cm alu mast going down and then use long alu fuselage at the end of the mast for the stab

In your design, is’nt the stab too close from the motor ? with this design I think the propeller will hit the stab

Here you can see, there is enought space.

You mean sure this patent. This was my first Version but I think smaller is better??!

Wrong Picture :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That´s the right.

Are you going to print it with regular pla or petg? Which infill?

ok it’s clear, maybe the first drawing could work, but will change the overall stability of gong setup as the stab is much closer to the front wing than the usual setup

Second drawing is more like flite , but not sure wether the orange 3D part will be strong enough to hold the green fuselage and the red stab or not.

Yes, these are the questions. And I believe that the water turbulence from the propeller directly above the wing can´t be good.
Version 2 is more like the Audi Efoil and this works great.

In the last time I often use PSA. It´s strong, and comes smooth and clear out. But the printing need´s a lot of time and isn´t easy.
What I prefer when it must be very strong is printing with 50% infill and after printing I open the form and fill it with epoxy. That´s really strengh.

Anyone tried putting motor inside the board and putting shaft inside mast with right angle gears on the bottom?

I could recommend to add cfk schnippsel for that filling task