Lift carbon fiber efoil mast. New. Never used

What’s up guys.

I got a Lift efoil mast for sale. Brand new. Never used. It’s hollow and ready for wires to the motor.

What do these sell for? Can you even buy one? Make me an offer. I’ll sell it to the best offer. If no offers, I’ll come up with a price.

Oh, and I’m in Hawaii. On Oahu. So take shipping cost into account. You pay shipping. I got the bag case too if you want that. Would be perfect for hauling your DIY efoil gear around


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Nice. I have never seen one. I thought they probably potted the wires inside. Turns out there is a nice slot to run the wires in.

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Not potted. Just a nice hole. Big enough for 3 wires and a water cooling hose

Is this still available? would be interesting in buying it if so.

Still for sale? Interested.

Hi There. Is the mast still available? I have a Lift efoil with 28 in mast and would like to switch to a 32. Unfortunately Lift will not sell me just the mast - they will only sell Mast and Motor assy. To swap I will need longer cables. Where can I purchase the connectors and cable to make my own? I do have a 32 lift mast for kitefoiling. Can it be opened up for the efoil conversion?

Is LIFT still using a cork seal in 2023 to ensure mast plate to board bottom waterproofness ? I understand it as being more responsive than silicone (or Wagnersil N32) but how do they prevent water from coming from the mast along the wires and watercooling tube ?

When I get how I can sent a picture of the lift seal. I have taken one off the mast I have.

I have actually put a 65161 on a lift mast :rofl: