Lift claiming they invented the electric hydrofoil, again

Nick claiming he invented the electric hydrofoil again.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the product he designed and brought to production. I think it’s the best commercially available e-foil on the market.

We all know Lift did not invent the e-foil. But, they love to claim they did!

dubious and not personable

Greeting Frank

I mentioned this before somewhere, I have a lot of respect for Nick for getting a product to the market. Unfortunately he still confuses “inventing the efoil” with putting a lot of engineering effort into it, which no doubt he did and he deserves credit for that. Not for inventing the efoil. We know Nick licensed a patent from Langelaan, who should have never gotten this patent in the first place because of prior art (see Evolo project details here: The history of weight shift controlled electric hydrofoils - Regulations and Patents -


It is indeed a pity. He for sure deserves the credit for this product and the engineering behind it (hey, my second board is being inspired by his!!). But that’s where it ought to end. Guess majority of his buyers aren’t aware of the details, but for those in the know, the readers here and outside, it doesn’t do it any good.

Actually it was another guys idea that told nick about the idea to put a motor on the foils he was building back in 2014…but he will never admit that, although he and this guy still knows that :sweat_smile:
However he was the one that put a lot of work in engineering it. To safe this by all means, is just a logical reaction. However to say it is his invention is just not true as we all know. But the bigger problem for him now is that the efoils 2.0 are coming and they will be better and much cheaper…And I think they will even be less than the production cost of lift, which will be Nicks biggest problem in the future economical downdraft…I´m shure only good products below 5000$ will succeed in the future…Wait for what is coming in July :wink:

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