Lift efoil ( lift foils ) water pump

Lift foils build water cooled ESC, water pump inside the board, yes or not?

min 0:50, 1:20, 1:42 and 2:52

I use a retention valve input, I need priming the circuit before but works good.
I think lift foils mount selft priming pump.

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Virus, based on all the clues you have shared it sure looks like they employ a pump. I still think your foil is sexier though!

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Hi @virus, there is still a probability that the pump can suck in some air if the foil jumps up (like it happens with all the beginners), or do you think that kill switch would be enough to stop it timely?

If you fall, the magnetic switch stops the system immediately, bec and water pump.
In my case, I’m begginer too and can ride all the time without the need to prime the pump and only with the anti return valve that you can see in the input under the mast, cheaper and effective in my opinion.
In any case, to prime the pump is to suck, and it is a second to do it, I have to do always when start but it is not a problem for me.

Yeah, I like your design with one way valve. I was just concerned about time it takes the kill switch to trigger. It should be a quite short leash then. If you say it works, then cool, I like it more than self-priming or closed loop systems. How do you prime it being in water … just using your mouth or got some mechanical pump :slight_smile: ?
BTW, your kill switch cuts off only UBEC, right? I’ve seen some relay on your videos, is it for UBEC input circuit?

is very simple, In water when I connect the magnetic switch the pump starts and I suck with my mouth the hole on back(tail), I only need 1 second to prime the pump and flow.
the switch kill BEC and pump

that’s exactly what I though … why not, whatever works :slight_smile:
then what is the relay for?

min 0:50


I see now, that is cool, thanks for sharing.

Rc boats use an inlet and outlet that is designed to be pumpless. I know you probably have already seen this, but just thought I’d add that.

They aren’t even normally that long, but easily cool the ESC and motor. One side is cut with opening facing the direction and the other exit in the opposite. If you watch a video of a boat, you can usually see the water shooting out from the boat. Here’s a youtube example.

I would think a similar design would be adequate for a foil. Just need to run longer tubing.

I think is good idea too.

Hey @virus, I just saw this video here. More pics about Lift water cooling from the inside.

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what a pity that box is not more transparent! haha
thanks pacificmeister!

That’s a really informative video. Does anybody know what connector is used to connect the battery? Looks heavy duty with built in on/off switch – at least I assume that is a connection to the battery. Also, what is the smaller grey connector for that you see him plug in?

LEARNED THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR HIGH CURRENT - avoid if using more than 80A continuious.

Cool video and looking setup on that Lift board. I like the convenient and sleek on/off switch.
Flier makes a 120A and 300A Power Switch that works as both an anti-spark, and power on/off. The link is to their 120A. Its $42 plus shipping and is a nice touch.


I also got a waterproof IP67 power which:

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That was my Alienpower (300Amp) after 5min! I wished they had a real 300Amp