Lift motor wire connectors?

I want to use a lift motor unit with a custom board. Does anyone know a compatible receiving end for the lift connectors for the ESC side?

It’ll fit into a 8mm bullet connector, maybe 3D print a housing.

I really like the Amphenol Plugs, I use them on on the same cables on the FR Motor:

But of course a bit pricey, would be cheaper to 3D print those female connectors…

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ODU lamtac 200A connectors are what you are looking for :

You are lucky I have both the ODU lamtac & a brand new Lift motor to see if they fit together. Let me get back to you tomorrow or the day after to confirm. Also if they fit and you are in EU and interested, they are brand new :man_shrugging:t2:

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Unfortunately 200A connectors do not fit the Lift motor. Somehow Lift went even bigger. Might be 400A capable but those are definitely ODU lamtac as they are exactly like the one I have.

Check pictures for comparison.

For reference: