Lift motor wire connectors?

I want to use a lift motor unit with a custom board. Does anyone know a compatible receiving end for the lift connectors for the ESC side?

It’ll fit into a 8mm bullet connector, maybe 3D print a housing.

I really like the Amphenol Plugs, I use them on on the same cables on the FR Motor:

But of course a bit pricey, would be cheaper to 3D print those female connectors…

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ODU lamtac 200A connectors are what you are looking for :

You are lucky I have both the ODU lamtac & a brand new Lift motor to see if they fit together. Let me get back to you tomorrow or the day after to confirm. Also if they fit and you are in EU and interested, they are brand new :man_shrugging:t2:

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Unfortunately 200A connectors do not fit the Lift motor. Somehow Lift went even bigger. Might be 400A capable but those are definitely ODU lamtac as they are exactly like the one I have.

Check pictures for comparison.

For reference:

Hi everyone I’m Demis I’m trying to understand which inserts use lift as a mast plate attachment to the table, can you tell me what type they are thanks and I also wanted to know what thickness ks has the base of the table looks very thin see from the hole where the cables pass. I thank

honun engine that looks like a casino to the lift who understands engines? the cables are different and they are awg12, changing them is not a problem I can put 8 awg, the motor is a 16 poles 220Kv turns very strong and I burned it in 4 minutes, I use a 48Ah 48v battery pack and a programmable esc of the swordfishx 300 A I do not understand how it is possible that it burned out in such a short time, the engine is new and this is in the picture, if someone took it with me and it works I would like you to tell me how you did it thanks

Was there any water in the motor after opening it? I find it really strange that it burned. Normally the water would have cooled the motor. Unless the water had heated up too much by that stage and could no longer cool the motor.

no water nothing I sealed it perfectly, I just don’t understand how this is possible in just 5 minutes

A 160Kv motor would have been a better choice. The windings should have bee able to dissipate heat through the casing unless something was very much out of synch. What made you open the motor and reseal it?

the cables of the 12awg were hot burning in 4 seconds I replaced them with cables of the 10awg thinking of improving and that is why I opened the motor my motor was 220 kv and it was spinning really strong at least for what I was in the water and a very powerful , do you have this engine?

What is your ESC ? Do you have any data ? Did you use any current limitation ?

This LIFT-like motor is very encouraging but while the issues remain unexplained you might remain the only buyer…

I have a programmable swordfish x 300A esc, the set data was 3.3v battery limit high current limit or even exclude it timing advanve middle and that’s it I can put the battery type 13 S and the pwm rate 8khz then the brake desativated and freewheel activated

The swordfish has a logging function so you should be able to download the log and see what current was going through the motor.

yes, my esc did not download any data because the last time I ran it was after that time I got burned I opened the engine and then closed it and tried again so I would only have those 2 seconds data but it wouldn’t be right because by now the engine was already burned I had to download the data first

Do you know where I could find a set of waterproof connectors that connect to the lift motor?