Light weight 3D printed foil



very nice. I was thinking about printing the whole mast/ wings like you, but since I can only print at my university, it might be too much. How long was your printtime? I am tending toward a foam core at the moment.

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Nice Steve! Thanks for sharing, there are several people here that took a similar approach. Start thinking about integrating that motor so you can put your companies space lithium technology to good use :smile:

Something like 12 hours per item, like the mast or a wing. So total print time for the whole thing is around 48h and maybe 1 kg of PLA.


Hi MalibuFunHouse, I can give you data to increase the hydrodynamic efficiency of the front wing. Hydrodynamic efficiency of the wing - low resistance in the direction of navigation, optimal lift according to the weight of the rider.

Hello MalibuFunHouse. Your foil is awesome!! Did you share the STL files? I would love to have a front wing like that.

Im interested in the files aswell :smiley:

Hi all,

VERY new to the forum and looking for my first build. Have access to a 3d Printer and been thinking of printing my foil. Still, a lot of Gong foils being used. I was wondering, that by now I could assume there is experience on also using these in water to a large extent. How do 3d prints handle the stresses that they face? I this a viable option to a 90kg+ person? Would allow to make my first build a bit cheaper to learn on and then take it from there…

Thanks in advance.