Lockdown Build - Wales

Duty / current control , I prefer duty as for testing off load rpm is matching the trigger play …

Yes it is normal

Short cut but : motor amp = batt amp / duty ( + 10-20%)
May add up to 3 times on 14s with low duty

How many layers carbon ( and oz) you put on the side of the board ?

Thanks for the explanation :+1:, so what dictates the duty cycle percentage then?.

There’s 2 layers of 200g top and bottom but on that edge is where they overlap so would be 4 there. It’s the 3rd repair I’ve had to do now. None of which the damage occurred whilst actually riding :man_facepalming:

what dictates the duty cycle percentage?

i would say : our need for speed :slight_smile:

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Alexandre was meaning “duty cycle percentage” = remote throttle position :wink:

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Little update of my mods. I had a cracking ride today down the Menai Straights and bumped into someone with a lift board which was good to see for the first time and even switched boards and had a little go of it. It was a 5’6" so super easy to get up on, the first thing I noticed was the throttle curve was slightly delayed and super friendly as opposed to mine which just gives you all its power instantly. Which as I’m used to it I kinda prefer as I can give it a quick pull to lift the nose when doing tight turns. Lovely machine though all round and slightly quieter than mine I thought.

So I’ve put the new latches on along with an extra seal which has made a massive difference in keeping it watertight. The antenna extension also arrived which now goes up to the nose of the board, it has helped but it still drops signal all the time. After todays rides the screen on the remote has become all pixilated which would be my 7/8th ride and thats with everything filled with epoxy. Such a crap remote!

I also changed the electrical box for an aluminium one and filled it with corrosion X. Seems to have fixed the overheating issue nicely.I managed to get 2 runs in off one charge today, a 57minute and a 48minute run. looking at the stats theres around 25mins downtime of launching the board, falling off and chin wagging so a total ride time of around 120 mins so I’m pretty happy with that giving me a 19mile journey :call_me_hand:. GPS still seems to be a little off though.


Some before and after pictures of my day today, needless to say I never managed to go foiling :weary::sob:.

I was toying with the idea of doing a second build but now I’ve got no choice :man_facepalming:

What the f*** happend?

Poop! Wtf was wrong with your battery pack?

Never mix golf with efoiling.

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Holyy f**k what happened? Battery pack?

Parked up to go to work and a couple hours in someone shouts your van is on fire, :man_shrugging:my guess would be battery but I just don’t understand how! charged up and balanced fine yesterday.

I reckon the battery saw golf clubs and thought: Time to burn them out…

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Man that sucks!!!

NEVER connect the balance leads to the positive section of the cells.
I run all the overlaps and balance off the negative terminal meaning its impossible to short out even if the battery bounces all over the show.

I would guess that somewhere something chaffed through and shorted on of the cells…


I just can’t imagine the balance leads coming off the side here along with 2 layers of rubber sheet wrapped around it, but I hear what you’re saying.

So if you connect all balance leads to negative ends (plus the last positive) and one came loose and touched its neighbouring connection, how would that not short?

30q don’t burn , get to 140-150C , my guess : short cut in carbone case ( bms?) under the stuff that burns , really sorry to see that :sob:
Have you find some cells ?

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What a loss! Sorry to see this :frowning:

Better start that second build soon before Covid is gone :wink:

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I was leaning towards BMS as well but when I checked the app this morning the cells looked normal, theres no carbon on the inside. I guess we will never know, It may not have been the battery at all and something wrong with the van. The Fireman couldn’t determine if it started in the front or in the rear.

Witch BMS you using?

To make matters worse, the company i work for it happened in their vehicle and they only pay out a maximum of £250 for personal items. :weary:

It WAS :joy:, a smart BMS from https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/ not the most sophisticated bit of kit

I am sure the BMS burned down all!