Looking for Help to Build

Hello Guys!

I’m going to make myself efoil-board. I have read this forum and other material in internet and realised that there’s a lot different options available, various componets manufacturers (one better quality, another worse) and everyone has a different approach, so I’m confused.

I understood that it will take me a long time to figure it all out, and I’m not sure I’ll choose the right ones.

So, I’m looking for someone who already spent time and have eprerience in DIY efoils.
I would like to pay for advices and competent assistance to avoid me making mistakes.

If here someone interested, please contact me and we’ll discuss more details and I’ll thell you what exactly I looking for.

You can write me also to the email: centralmailrocket(a)gmail.com


Hi. I just read your post. I’m in the same boat trying to start with my build. Do you have any progress? Do you choose the parts that you wanna use?

Perhaps this can help you

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Maybe I can give you some help, I am the engineer behind the Waydoo flyer boards, I may no longer working there but still have great enthusiasm on water sports