Marcus 2nd winter build

After more than 3000km on my first build in 2023 I want a new board for 2024:

  • smaller: 120x60x12cm
  • more leightweight
  • hatch for changing batteries faster to open/close
  • Longer and stiffer Gong V2 mast
  • more power

Motor will again be 65161 but this time powered with 16S.
Mast will be Gong V2 85cm.
Board will be XPS with glasfiber and some wood reinforcements.

Build has started one week ago, some impressions:

CAD ready to go :hugs:

6 XPS sheets each 125x60x5cm, enough for 2 boards

Hot wire fun :innocent:

Enough space for 2x 8S6P 21700 batterie packs. Bigger packs wont fit through the round 260mm Osculati inspection hatch. Bigger hatches are not available. Would need an own build.


I think my own 120cm board is too short actually, it’s like a playtoy but to me the benefits aren’t really enough. Too late now as you started cutting😀
It will be interesting to see how you like it.

How long did you have before?

I tested a 120cm board some weeks ago from @Ackermann
Yes, for take off some more cm would be helpful, but in the air 120 is more than enough.
For better landing after jumps some more volume would also be great. Therefore I maybe build a 3rd one with same shape… :blush:

My last efoil 120x58x10, there are no problems for the start, the total weight is only 16 kg. The board with battery 9kg. Battery 14s4p. The battery is hidden in the board. The controls in the air are simply amazing.
Make the board as light as possible, you are using too much plywood!


total weight is only 16 kg

Really. Total weight (ready to go) only 16kg?

Thanks for your experience on the 120cm.
2kg less or more is not so important for me. My V1 board is around 45kg with 14S8P 21700 cells.
I will stay clearly under this :slight_smile: but as I don‘t laminate the compartment, I don‘t want to resign on these extra reinforcement.
Good experience under heavy conditions with my V1 board…

The battery weighs 4.8kg. 14s4p Samsung 40t + smart bms 100a. Built into the board.
Recharging via the same cable as discharge
Board 4.5kg
Vesc cooling on mast mast plate + 3d print box for vesc +wings +mast +motor= 6.9kg
Total 16.2 kg

Now next project for next summer I want more lighter about 15kg max. Little bit change board weight, mast plate with esc box, with my motor weight 2kg! 65161 weight 3kg.


You must understand that the lighter the weight, you spend less electricity you spend.

yes, that‘s clear. But 3kg less or more compared to total weight of >100kg with me with ~85kg+x depending of season, is acceptable in my opinion.
With V3 board the plywood will be then replaced by CFK…winter 2024…

Small is nice in some ways, agile and lighter but ideal length for me is 135-145cm, then i have at least a chance to fit on the board on starts and stops
(when flying i don’t need the board at all😀)

Now, on 120cm, i am lying with most of my shoulders and head overhanging the board. Especially on winter rides it gets a bit annoying.

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My V1 board has 173cm and 100 liters.
—> see

My board is around 115cm.
I first tried on flite that is around 160cm but I like mine more.
It is harder to start for beginners but we are past that already :grin:


Hi, for me. this concept worked like a charm. Plywood box for skeleton…I used 3.5 mm plywood + 2 x 2 layers of 180 gr/ m2 glass…
The board has been ridden 2 to 3 times a week since February until now.
The summer in Greece, I was teaching my daughter and then it was 3 to 4 times a day…when I managed to charge the battery.

What are the specs of your batterie? Looks very big.

14s10p, 21700 cells.
yes, look big. I started building the box for 16s10p, but I stopped at 14s…
And I have plenty of space in the board - box…

Pipe for motor cables and ESC water cooling added. Same principe as in my V1 board.


No lightweight :grimacing:

Original Gong square M6 nuts under orange caps. Will do some glassing over the caps to have it 100% watertight.

Bottom radius shaping (nearly) completed. With 180 grinding paper it took very long. Better take 80-120 next time. Scratches have to be filled up before glassing.


First time glassing with vacuum. Only pressing after manual application of epoxy.
2 lasers of 160g on inside surface of box cover. Reinforced to stand on later.


Hi, In my opinion, to achieve the best results, you should at least use peel ply and breather fabric.

There is peel ply and soaking fabric (breather fabric?) on the glass!
It´s upside down to not press the glass through the hole. I could slide a little bit otherwise.