Mast cutting. How’d you do it?

Poll: how did you put holes in the side of your mast? Curious to see pictures. Got a new mast for a second build so wondering!

I used a center punch to mark the location and then used ever larger (sharp) drill bits to get to the correct diameter. Then I de-burred the edges to remove any sharp corners.

I put the mast on my milling machine and WAM-BAM it was done. I did round the edges where the cables entered though so that the shielding slides in and out nicely and does not get cut.

one hole on each side of the cut, dremel in between and files to make it smooth (starting at 7:15 here: )

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@Mat Half of those views on Vimeo are probably from me! Love that video! I just got a LF Wakefoil mast. You think it’ll be the same size so I can just print your parts? Bruno (from APS) is working on my motors right now!

@Jezza So you did like @Mat and put all the holes on one side?

Not exactly like Mat, but all my holes are on one side of the mast.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes, unless it’s a 3 years old mast, it should be the same size… can’t hurt to double check though …

I choose to put all the wires/tube coming out on the same side to keep the space on the other side to store the “service loop”.

Oh snap! Looks different! lol


Black dots represents your three wires. By making the opening in a angle compared to the mast it’s easier to route the cables.


I like that approach!

and my painting skills :slight_smile:

You will have to try Matts file as mine is smaller to fit my naish mast.

That is Mat’s file. I have two masts, just complicating matters! Haha. Apparently my Naish isn’t the same as yours and now my LF isn’t the same as his! lol… @pacificmeister did help me to make a mast clamp for the Naish based on its profile, just need to do the same for the LF now. Shocked there are so many variations!

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are you sure it’s my file? i don’t recognize the screw holes :slight_smile:

and if it’s mine modified, that looks very much like the first version i was using with the old 4 years old foilfish orange mast that is indeed narrower.

below my current version that works on the current mast…

In my built post :

Damn. I’m confused now! lol… Guess I’ll look at the file you linked and print it out and see what happens. The good news is @pacificmeister and I have a solution to this confusion! It’s pretty rad. I don’t want to go into too many details but let’s just say finding out more details about current working builds will be much easier in the near future!


I had the same question Tyler. See thread HERE. I ended up cutting a diagonal slot by drilling one hole at each end and then using a hacksaw blade to join the two holes to create the slot. This worked well…