Mast position in relation to back of board

Hi All,

Just deciding where to position my mast in relation to the back of my board.

The board is a 2012 Airush Monaro (approx 180cm long), with a nice flat rear section with very little rocker.

My current plan is for the rear of the mast to be either 12 or 14 inches from the rear of the board.

12” & 14” positions

Had some good advice already from some of the guys including Frederic who is using a similar airush race board. But was also interested in other people’s experiences with similar length boards.



hey, nice board, I read on the forum that the axis of the mat is 25% of the length of the board, from the back.
45 cm in your case.
to check nevertheless.

Thanks Manu, that’s interesting. Although 45cm seems quite a lot.

look here

Post 54

This links to a video and printed suggestions on where to place.


Thanks guys, very useful. I’m wondering if a flat tail versus a pointed tail like the KRace or stepped tail like some of the newer Monaros makes a difference. I see some of the designs with flat tails seem to have the mast further back

you can’t really be too far back as your back foot will be on top of the mast, right behind it at max.
wether it’s for kite foil or electric foil, i ride with both feet in front of the mast.

I’m just wondering if for electric foil, having a “longer tail” behind the mast helps the board stay flat before take off…

I have read an interview with Fanatics foil developer and he stated that the position of the fin box is the optimal position of the foil too. He also stated that for that reason they designed the center of lift to be much further in front compared to a kite foil where the fins are not that far in the back.
So kite or windsurfing foil could make a difference.

For the moment, I’m using a slingshot dialer 130 windsurf foilboard, and I can say that the position of the box is not ideal, the board is very deep in the water before foiling.