Maytech 200A MTVESC6.12 VESC 6 based ESC

Got this new VESC6 based ESC today:

Does anyone know why they didn’t connect the GND, 3v3 and 5V pins to the COMM Port?
It seems to be on purpose, the pictures on their homepage look the same.
OK, GND ist connected to the BATT- but if I want to connect a BT Module I would like to have GND and 5V on the 8 pin COMM connector.

What is the in/off for (marked red)? It says somewhere it has an anti spark circuit built in, it’s probably for that purpose.

There is lack of documentation. I also asked the seller for this information.

I was able to connect it to the VESC Tool, it recognized HW 60 and FW 3.62

Haven’t tested apart from that.

I checked the 5v, gnd and 3,3v with a cable and an ohm meter, they are connected. The pins are soldered from the back side, hence the lack of solder on the visible side.

Did a test: If on/of is floating, it has 3.7V and the VESC is on. If I ground the on/off the VESC is off (green LED). So there must be an internal pull-up resistor that switches it on by default if no switch is connected to the on/off port. The LED output is just to connect the LED of a switch with integrated LED. It has 3.3V when on, 0 when off.


Regarding you update 2, does it means that it acts as a ON/OFF switch ?

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Seems to, as I haven’t tested it, I can’t say for sure. What happens without motor or load is the green led goes off if the pin is pulled to ground. USB connection goes down as well. Hope to find some time to test with a motor over the weekend. Hard to say what this means regarding the supplied input power, according to their advertisement it has a built in anti spark switch. Still didn’t get any documentation nor a schematic.

Have you tried it ?
Does it handle the amps ?

Sorry, didn‘t try yet. I can only do a dry run anyways, my efoil isn‘t ready for the water.

yes, built-in anti-spark circuit.

Can you provide any further documentation like a schematic drawing and a manual? That would be appreciated.

connect on/off pin and GND pin, it will turn off.

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Hey sat_be,

Did you get any more info or documentation for this controller? I have one and am having issues with it. Its causing a power surge over USB whenever I try to connect it to my PC.

how do you power it? Might be a a problem with ground. Works for me but I power it from batteries. Upgraded it with Vesc Tool.
To answer your question, the only documentation I got is the port and pin description. There is a built in antispark switch, if the on/off pin is open, its switched on, if pulled to gnd it’s switched of, so its on per default.
BT module connected to serial works as well.


blew up the driver Chip on the bench. 63100, 12S, BLDC mode.

EDIT it was in FOC mode, duty cycle.

Went to full throttle for four or five times. After a few seconds the VESC stopped the motor.
Then I started the motor again, it didn’t start but did stutter for a short time and the driver chip went up in smoke.
Unfortunately there is no real warranty from M’tech, the best offer was a new one for 259$ which is not acceptable.

I might try to find someone to repair it but it would be good to know why it blew up to avoid that in the future.

Mayteck know the problem…What makes VESC DRV Burned? – official website :wink:
Copy it in Google toolbar if the link don’t work

Thanks, their explanation does not help much, I didn’t even run in FOC mode. What means “Pole Pairs Number is too high”? I had an ERPM of 39000 @ full trottle. 7 Pole pairs/ kv140. 140 x 45V X 7 = 44000 looks plausible to me. So is this too high?
How can the driver be protected?

i’m not a Vesc expert, apparently the chip can’t work with with number of pole or erpm who need to be to much elevate and it burn the chip .
A bad setting like the number of pole and the vesc reading bad erpm can’t managed them to work good and burn…
so for me it’s simple for the price to use and the flipsky vesc6 with new chip who was not so bad …many people use here and no have problem but you need to use 12 s max and Vesc chinese is a beta product because .

I’ll wait for the new team triforce UK A200S v3 coming soon, costs 440$ but at least you get support and warranty.

I grabbed 2 of their A200S v2 kits for DIY. At £45 a kit its pretty cheap! Now to order the parts and a hotplate to assemble the power board…

I have too many spin-off projects already, although I have a background in electronics, I’m not too keen on soldering SMD…

Contacted team triforce and a new batch of A200S should be available soon.

That’s my entire life… From 3D printers to CNC machines to efoils to esk8 to drones… But hey it keeps me busy in the UK winter…