Maytech 200A VESC 6,0 for Esk8 suitable for Efoil?

Hi everyone,
for my first efoil build i’m searching for a suitable esc for the following setup:
12s 32ah Lipo’s
Maytech 65162 100kv Motor
Maytech offers an Esk8 vesc which seems to do the job:

The Aliexpress seller told me that it’s not suitable for the motor and recommended the 300a maytech esc. But I want to know why this ESC is not compatible with the 65162 BLDC Motor.

Maybe he just wants to sell the more expencive one.

Has anyone experience with this VESC?

I appreciate your answers
Thank you

No , apparently bad thermal conduction , better off with the flipsky vesc

Thanks Alexandre,
I was thinking on that too. It would be good to know the data sheets of the motor and the esc to check the load the motor gives to the vesc. My first plans were to limitate the current with the vesc by a threshold under 200 amps.
The Esc may not run at full voltage at full throttle but I don‘t think that this is much of an efficiency problem. Accelerating and top speed would be slower but it should be enough for lifting the foil, though i dont‘t know it exactly.
Maybe you guys have more tipps.
This is an awesome community :wink:

I will ask for some data sheets.

The flipsky vesc seems promising but it doesn‘t look very well designed. I will check on that too. Thank you